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Nisar says Quetta carnage commission’s report is ‘unrelated’
By Zeeshan Ghayur

Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan, addressing a press conference in the federal capital, on Saturday lamented that the five questions that were raised in Quetta carnage commission’s report against him were ‘unrelated’ with Quetta incident.
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Turkish President Recep mourns Kayseri terrorist attack
Monitoring Desk

ANKARA (Turkey):
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in a statement on Saturday held, “Turkey is under a joint attack from terrorist organisations. Especially the separatist terrorist organisation is using all its means. Methods and targets of the attacks clearly show that the actual objective of the separatist terrorist organisation is to block Turkey’s progress and to make Turkey focus its strength and energy on other directions.”
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Russia Iran Turkey deliberates on Syrian ceasefire
Monitoring Desk

MOSCOW (Russia):
Russian Defence Ministry in a statement on Saturday revealed that Russian Defence Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu held a number of bilateral telephone talks with the heads of military departments of Syria and Iran, Fahd Jassem al-Freij and Hossein Dehghan, as well as with Turkish National Intelligence Organisation chief Hakan Fidan.
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Ban Ki-moon speaks of 2016 migrants/refugees’ turbulences
Monitoring Desk

NEW YORK (United States of America):
United Nations (UN) Secretary General (UNSG) Ban Ki-moon in a statement on Saturday held that the incumbent year has been another turbulent year for refugees and migrants.
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Junaid Jamshed: larger than life (a tribute)
By Anis Shakur

‘America kay na Japan kay, hum tau hain deewanay Multan kay.’
     ‘Life cannot deny itself to the person, who gives life his all,’ is a statement that rings too true to the music great, Junaid Jamshed.
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