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Saturday - March 4, 2017

Pakistan at UN opposes ‘discrimination’ between “nuclear weapon States”

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ISLAMABAD: At the United Nations (UN), Pakistan reiterated its opposition to any fissile material cut off treaty that discriminated between different nuclear weapon states and did not ensure equal and undiminished security to all states, an official statement said on Friday. (Full Report)
PM Nawaz invites China Shipbuilding Company for investment

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister (PM) Muhammad Nawaz Sharif invited China Shipbuilding Company (CSC) to invest in collaborative projects with Pakistan National Shipping Corporation (PNSC) and Karachi Shipyard (KS), when CSC chairman  Xu Ziqiu called on him, on Friday; an official statement said. (Full Report)
PM says government is indiscriminately committed to eradicate terrorism

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister (PM) Muhammad Nawaz Sharif chaired a high-level security meeting on Friday emphasised, “Pakistan has given immense sacrifices in its own war against terrorism and we are fully determined to remain steadfast in our commitment and duty to undertake all steps for eliminating terrorists without any discrimination of geographic region, colour or sect.” (Full Report)
Friday sees demonstrations and clashes in IOK


SRINAGAR (Indian Occupied Kashmir): In Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), the Resistance Day, on Friday, was marked by forceful anti-India demonstrations by people and use of brute force on protesters by Indian police and troops in the occupied territory; Kashmir Media Service (KMS) reported.
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