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Saturday - April 8, 2017

China Power trains 100 engineers for port Qasim power project

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Power China chairman Yan Zhiyong, along-with his delegation, called on Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif on Friday and informed that 100 young Pakistani engineers have been trained, in various power sector streams, to work on “port Qasim power project” having an anticipated life of over 25 years; an official statement said. (Full Report)

UN calls for ‘halt’ in aggression against Syria

Monitoring Desk

NEW YORK (United States of America): United Nations (UN) Secretary General António Guterres, in a statement, on Friday called for a halt on aggression against Syria. (Full Report)
Putin says US attack on Syria is “highly condemnable”

Monitoring Desk

MOSCOW (Russia): Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a statement, on Friday regarded the United States (US) airstrikes on Syria as “an act of aggression” against a sovereign State, delivered in violation of international law under a far-fetched pretext. (Full Report)
Trump says US-Sino relations are ‘improving’

Monitoring Desk

PALM BEACH (United States of America): United States (US) President Donald Trump, in a statement, on Friday announced that the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping has led to tremendous progress in Uncle Sam-Sino relations. (Full Report)
Russia flays US for violating Syrian sovereignty

Monitoring Desk

MOSCOW (Russia): Russian Foreign Ministry, in a statement, on Friday slammed United States (US) airstrike on Syrian territory saying, “The United States conducted strikes against Syrian government troops in the early hours of April 7, using chemical weapons attacks in Idlib Province as a pretext.” (Full Report)
IOK people raises “Pakistani flag” amid anti-India demonstrations


SRINAGAR (Indian Occupied Kashmir): In Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), people observed on Friday the Day of Pledge Reaffirmation, as part of the campaign for the boycott of forthcoming so-called Indian parliamentary elections on Sunday and Wednesday; Kashmir Media Service (KMS) reported. (Full Report)
Pentagon acknowledges US airstrikes against Syria

Monitoring Desk

WASHINGTON (United States of America): Pentagon in a statement on Friday announced, “At the direction of the United States (US) President Donald Trump, US forces conducted a cruise missile strike against a Syrian Air Force airfield.” (Full Report)
Turkey supports US airstrikes against Syria

Monitoring Desk

ANKARA (Turkey): Making a written statement on Friday’s airstrikes against the Sharyat airbase in Homs, Syria by the United States (US), Deputy Secretary General and Spokesperson of the Turkish Presidency Ambassador İbrahim Kalın said, “We consider this morning’s airstrikes against the Sharyat airbase in Homs, Syria by the US a positive response to the Assad regime’s war crimes.” (Full Report)
Turkey condemns Stockholm terror attack

Monitoring Desk

ANKARA (Turkey): Turkish Foreign Ministry in a statement on Friday said, “It is learned with deep sorrow that innocent people lost their lives and were injured as a result of a terrorist attack perpetrated in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.” (Full Report)
Germany supports US airstrikes against Syria

Monitoring Desk

BERLIN (Germany): Speaking on the sidelines of his Mali trip, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on Friday said, “It was almost unbearable to watch the United Nations (UN) Security Council prove unable to give a clear and unequivocal response to the barbarous use of chemical weapons on innocent people in Syria.” (Full Report)



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