Pakistan highlights growing sectarian violence in India

Staff Report
ISLAMABAD: Foreign ministry spokesperson Mohammed Nafees Zakaria, on Thursday, lashing out at the unprecedented increase in sectarian violence in, so called secular, India expressed grief on the recent very disturbing and gruesome episode, in which an unprotected Muslim was dragged in a street in India and brutally murdered with swords by Hindu extremists.

Nafees grieved that the daily lynching of Muslims, Christians, Dalits in public by cow vigilantes and Hindutva proponents are manifestations of rising extremism, religious intolerance and bigotry in India, which are a cause of international concern.

He said, “International human rights organisations including amnesty international (AI) and human rights watch (HRW) have amply reported on this” adding “Regrettably, situation for the religious minorities and vulnerable segments of Indian society is worsening with each passing day.”

Regarding Samjhauta express terrorist attack case, Nafees reminded, the facts of the matter are that member of rashtriya swayamsevak sangh (RSS - a Hindu terrorist organisation), swami aseemanand (terrorist group) publicly confessed masterminding Samjhauta express terrorist attack and identified active service Indian army officer and officials including colonel Sirikant Purohit, who headed another Hindu terrorist outfit, abhinav bharat as his accomplice. 

He mentioned that according to Maharashtra’s police inspector general (IG) SM Mushrif’s account, anti-terrorism squad (ATS) chief Hemant Karkare had discovered that research department explosive (RDX) procured by colonel Purohit from government supplies, was used in the terrorist attack on Samjhauta express in which majority of Pakistanis were killed.

“Not only that but many other incidents were staged by Indian agencies and blamed on others” adding “Karkare was subsequently removed from his post and eventually killed under mysterious circumstances,” Nafees said.

He added that SM Mushrif, in his account of various incidents, has also mentioned about Karkare’s mysterious killing.

Ever since, the dynamics of the case were twisted in a manner to take swami aseemanand, colonel Purohit and other accomplices off the hook, Nafees remarked.

He grieved that despite assurances at the highest political level of India and a lapse of 10 years, the investigations were not shared. Rather, efforts remained focused on absolving the actual terrorists of the charge, Nafees added.

On Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK), Nafees reminded that Pakistan has consistently condemned Indian atrocities by Indian occupation forces in (IOK).

Prime minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif had offered treatment of pellet victims in any european country or anywhere in the world where the best facilities are available, which India refused.

“Our offer remains valid for all times in this regard” assuring “Pakistan is committed to extending political, moral and diplomatic support to our Kashmiri brethren,” Nafees maintained.

Regarding floods in IOK, he added, Pakistan stands ready to help alleviate its Kashmiri brethren’s sufferings in IOK and will continue to raise the grave human rights violations in IOK globally and insist that the international community force India to stop the atrocities and bloodshed immediately.

Grave human rights violations of innocent and defenceless Kashmiris at the hands of Indian forces in Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir continues.

These are unprecedented in recent history.

The oppressed Kashmiris in IOK are being brutalised by Indian occupation forces for 7 decades, taking a toll of over a million Kashmiris.

Since July 8 alone, hundreds of IOK people have been mercilessly killed, over 8,000 are victims of pellet guns with many hundred youth blinded either completely or partially, 19,000 have been wounded many with life threatening injuries, over 18,000 arrested with their fate remaining unknown, and around a thousand cases of molestation of IOK women have been reported.

Among many other repressive measures, rape has also been used by Indian forces and RSS as a tool to terrorise IOK women. 

He added that the international community remains deeply concerned how minorities have been terrorised by the proponents of Hindutva (RSS affiliates) within India as well.

Minorities in India including Muslims, Christians and Dalits have been lynched for trading, consuming or even transporting beef.

Dozens of killings of Muslims and other minorities across the length and breadth of India have gone down annuls of the history. 

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