A.Nayyar: Music to your ear

By Anis Shakur
Wednesday – June 17, 2020
NEW YORK (United States): Pay a little extra attention to the way you face the world each day and you may be able to slow down the hands of time. The phrase holds true to the singer, A. Nayyar. Arthur Nayyar, who is mostly known as A. Nayyar, hails from Lahore, Pakistan. In fact, Nayyar looks more like an actor than a singer.

A. Nayyar debuted as a singer in the 1974 film ‘Bahisht.’ Theatrical release was on November 29, 1974. The song was ‘Yuheen din cut jaaye, yuheen raat dhal jaaye, tujhay deikhta rahoon mein yuheen saamnay bithaye.’ Duet, A. Nayyar- Rubina Badar, music, A. Hameed.

Winners visualise the rewards of success. Indeed, with his debut song, Nayyar launched himself into a life of true success. The song ‘Ik larki bholi bhali,’ is a cornerstone of Pakistani entertainment. Director, Wazeer Ali’s 1976 film ‘Aap ka khadim,’ singer, A. Nayyar.

The romantic score below sung to perfection by A. Nayyar- Naheed Akhtar, enthralled the listeners:

‘Pyar to ik din hona tha, ho gaya,’ the film ‘Kharidaar,’ July 2, 1976, music, Manzoor Ashraf.

Similarly, the romantic number ‘Saathi mujhay milgaya,’ was absolutely magnificent in Nayyar’s voice. Director, Iqbal Yusuf’s 1977 film ‘Jasoos.’

All these years, Nayyar’s passion for music never ebbed. Below is a romantically charged duet:

‘Thandi, thandi ruth tay kanwaray mar jan gey, takya na tousan tay wacharay mar jan gey.’ Duet, A. Nayyar- Masood Rana, music, Wajahat Attre, the film ‘Ajj dian kurian,’ November 22, 1977.

Moreover, the following song still ranks among the favourites of the listeners:

‘Milay do saathi, khili do kalyaan.’ Singer, A. Nayyar, the film ‘Ambar,’ January 6, 1978, director, Dada Nazar-ul-Islam, music, Robin Ghosh.

When it comes to the tragic number below, I have rarely come across anybody like Nayyar, not even close:

‘Yaad rakhnay ko kuchh na raha, bhool janay ko kuchh bhee naheen.’ Singer, A. Nayyar, music, Amjad Bobby. The film ‘Baraat,’ April 14, 1978, director, S.A. Hafiz.

Some of Nayyar’s successful songs touched on the theme of love in one way or another. One example below:

‘Ye duniya hai ik play, mein hoon playboy.’ Music, Manzoor Ashraf, the film ‘Playboy,’ September 5, 1978.

Nayyar underwent a dramatic rise after recording this song ‘Jungle mein mangal teray he dum say.’ Duet, A. Nayyar- Mehnaz, music, Manzoor Ashraf, lyrics, Kaleem Usmani, the film ‘Zindigi,’ September 29, 1978, director, Dada Nazar-ul-Islam.

Further, this song catapulted Nayyar to stratospheric heights as a reputed singer ‘Teray sung dosti hum na torain kabhi, saath apna rahay na rahay.’ Duet, A. Nayyar- Mehnaz, the film Zindigi.’

As the years passed, Nayyar kept recording songs like this one ‘Suno, suno, sheher kay baasio, gaoon say Aaya hoon.’ Music, A. Hameed, the film ‘Aawaaz,’ October 27, 1978.

Alive with fresh-faced optimism, Nayyar seemed the ideal singer and a devoted husband. The lyrics below are life affirming and full of humor:

‘Day rahi hai maza bay khudi Aap ki.’ Singer, A. Nayyar, music, A. Hameed, the film ‘Naya Andaaz,’ May 18, 1979.

The song like this could easily enliven spirit, ‘Karta rahoon ga yaad mein tujh ko yoon he subho shaam,’ director, Iqbal Akhtar’s 1979 film ‘Naqsh-e-qadam.’

After singing this tragic song Nayyar became the best bet in the entire town, ‘Mein to jala aisa jeewan bhar.’ Music, Manzoor Ashraf, the film ‘Aag,’ December 21, 1979.

Brilliant at solos, Nayyar’s duets are immortal as well. Two examples below:

‘Accha, accha lago ray, pyara, pyara lago ray.’ Duet, A. Nayyar- Nayyara Noor, music, Robin Ghosh, the film ‘Bandish,’ January 11, 1980.

‘Hello, hello, sajan, hello, hello, jatay, jatay, sun lo, bichhray jo hum say.’ Duet, A. Nayyar- Nayyara Noor, the film ‘Bandish.’

Nayyar and his teammates made the entertainment what it is today. Jubilant fans greeted the song, ‘Ho hum dum ho saathi, mujhay teri dosti pay.’ Singer, A. Nayyar, music, Manzoor Ashraf, the film ‘Saathi,’ May 9, 1980.

With dignity, love and talents, Nayyar captivated the hearts of his admirers. With songs like these two, Nayyar finds a new generation of fans, ‘Kis kis ki taraf deikhoon.’ Music, Manzoor Ashraf, the film ‘Ye zamana aur hai.’ October 9, 1981.

‘Tera long maray lashkare.’ Singer, A. Nayyar, music, Tafu, lyrics, Khwaja Pervez, the film ‘Dostana,’ May 21, 1982.

Audiences enthusiastically belt out the well-loved songs from their collection, like the one, ‘Aap apni misaal hota hai, pyar to lazawal hota hai.’ Singer, A. Nayyar, music, Amjad Bobby, the film ‘Lazawal,’ November 23, 1984.

With songs like these two, Nayyar cut an impressive swath through the willing audience, ‘Is qadar pyar mein karoon ga tujhay.’ The 1986 film ‘Nazdikiyaan.’ Usman Pirzada- Samina Pirzada played the lead.

‘Mit gaye dooriyaan,’ duet, A. Nayyar- Mehnaz, the film ‘Nazdikiyaan.’

Nayyar recorded the following two songs with rare passion and feeling. In lesser hands, they could have withered under a pall of uplift.

‘Jani o meray dilbar jani.’ Duet, A. Nayyar- Humaira Channa, director, K. Khursheed’s 1987 film ‘Badla.’

‘Pyar kiye jaao.’ Duet, A. Nayyar- Mehnaz, director S.A. Hafiz’s 1987 film ‘Aag aur sholay.’

Nayyar is more and more impressive in ‘Tu chore, mein chore, choroan ka hai.’ Singer, A. Nayyar, music, Wajahat Attre, lyrics, Habib Jalib, the film ‘Choroan ki baraat,’ May 29, 1987.

These lyrics best reflect the materialistic world, ‘Deen paisa, imaan paisa.’ Singer, A. Nayyar, music, Wajahat Attre, the film ‘Rangeelay Jasoos,’ July 14, 1989.

Nayyar drew a steadily growing, more appreciative crowd after singing this song, ‘Ik mil gaya horay zanana Sheikh Javed warga.’ Duet, A. Nayyar- Javed Sheikh, music, Zulfiqar Ali, the film ‘Siren,’ December 17, 1990.

Some, who would go on to great fame like A. Nayyar, convey varied messages like the two below:

‘Dosti hai zindigi, zindigi dosti.’ Duet, A. Nayyar- Masood Rana, music, Kamal Ahmed, lyrics, Qateel Shifai, the film ‘Mazboot,’ September 18, 1993.

‘Chupair kha, salam kar,’ singer, A. Nayyar, music, Wajahat Attre, lyrics, Qateel Shifai, the film ‘Laila,’ October 14, 1994.

Music has had a profound effect across Pakistani social landscape. As for A. Nayyar, the following three songs re ignited his career:

‘Hansti rahain, ye Aankhein,’ singer, A. Nayyar, the film ‘Dharkan.’

‘Meri saansoan mein teri khushbu,’ duet, A. Nayyar- Mehnaz, the film ‘Dharkan.’

‘Ye nashila samaan,’ duet, A. Nayyar- Mehnaz,’ the film ‘Dharkan.’

Nayyar considers himself privileged to lend his voice to national songs as well. In reality, it is a translation of music through the soul:

‘Ye dase mera dase.’

‘Jab tak pairoan talay.’

Nayyar earned the Nigar Award for best singer in director Hasan Askari’s film ‘Aag,’ in 1979.

Nayyar earned the Nigar Award for best singer in director Sangeeta’s film ‘Jeenay naheen doon gee,’ in 1985.

Nayyar earned the Nigar Award for best singer in director Pervez Malik’s film ‘Ghareboan ka badshah,’ in 1988.

Nayyar earned the Nigar Award for best singer in director Sangeeta’s film ‘Taqat ka tufaan,’ in 1989.

What is the lesson in A. Nayyar’s story? Well, the lesson, in a cold and mean spirited age, is to remind us of a quiet human quality that is seldom adequately praised or celebrated: Grace.

Info: Eminent storyteller, Anis Shakur, is a Pakistani born United States (US) citizen. He works for the US federal and State government. He resides at a stone-throw distance from the darting shores of the Atlantic ocean in New York, for the past three decades.