Zubaida Khanum: Blessing to Pakistan (E.3/6)

By Anis Shakur
Sunday – May 19, 2019
NEW YORK (United States): Further, Khanum was a sincere, gentle woman who represented the best of Pakistani cultural values. Reverting to her songs, Khanum’s heady rise to the top with romantic songs like ‘Raat chandni mein akeli,’ evince her veneration for the music and the music composer as well in the 1958 film ‘Zeher-e-Ishq,’ music composer, Khursheed Anwar, poet, Qateel Shifai, pictured on Musarrat Nazeer.

Additionally, Khanum’s incessant hard work followed with appropriate dose of rehearsal resulted in the romantic song, ‘Dil jalana dil walay,’ in the 1959 film ‘Koel,’ music composer, Khursheed Anwar, poet, Tanveer Naqui, pictured on Neelo.

Furthermore, Khanum’s passion for music ignited by the God-gifted singing voice transformed her into one of the most respected figures in the show business. The romanticism in the song, ‘Meethi, meethi batiyoan say jiya na jala,’ is a testament to all the hard work Khanum invested in it in the 1959 film ‘Raaz,’ music composer, Feroze Nizami, poet, Kaleem Usmani, pictured on Musarrat Nazeer.

What is more, the public were astonished by the sheer power of the lyrics, music, and most of all, by Khanum’s sweet singing voice. One example among many is the tragic score ‘Rotay hain chum, chum nain,’ in the 1959 film ‘Sola Aanay,’ music composer, Feroze Nizami, poet, Qateel Shifai, Agha Husaini’s directional debut.

Perhaps, to listen to Khanum’s songs is to bargain a few placid moments from nature which allows us to forget the stressful life and the humdrum of the city that never sleep. Khanum continued to challenge herself in her later songs such as in the tragic score, ‘kiya hua dil pay sitam, tum na samjho gey balam,’ in the 1960 film ‘Raat kay rahi,’ music composer, A. Hameed, poet, Fayyaz Hashmi, pictured on actress Rehana, Iqbal Yusuf’s directional debut.

In the past 69 years, Khanum have graced the pages of Pakistani newspapers, and the film magazines alike. Also, Khanum’s entire life, her rise, her marriage, and her children continue to be the subject of discussion and fascination both in Pakistan and abroad.

Millions of people in her lifetime and after her demise as well, adored Khanum, and there has never been anyone quite like her. As this romantically charged song eloquently proves, ‘Aye baadaloan kay rahi,’ the 1960 film ‘Raat kay rahi,’ music composer, A. Hameed, poet, Fayyaz Hashmi, pictured on Shamim Ara. The na’at ‘Sallu alaihay wa’alaihe,’ in Khanum’s voice in the 1960 semi historical film ‘Ayaz,’ added immense credence to her fabulous music career.

The film director Luqman, music composer, Khursheed Anwar. Not only that, the na’at became an integral part of mehfil-e-milaad after it was first played over various Pakistani Radio stations. Most of all, the na’at is revered for its timeliness as well. Cast included Habib, Sabiha Khanum. ‘Jo na hota tera jamal he, to jahan tha khwab o khayal he, Sallu alaihat wa’alaihe,’ singers, Zubaida Khanum, Nahid Niazi, poet, Tanveer Naqui. (To be continued…)

Info: Eminent storyteller, Anis Shakur, is a Pakistani born United States (US) citizen. He works for the US federal and State government. He resides at a stone-throw distance from the darting shores of the Atlantic ocean in New York, for the past three decades.