USAF escorts RAF jets during routine sortie

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – May 22, 2019
MOSCOW (Russia): Strategic missile carriers of the Russian aerospace forces (RAF) made scheduled sorties over the neutral waters of the Chukotka, Bering and Okhotsk seas, as well as along the western coast of Alaska and the northern coast of the Aleutian Islands, on Tuesday, whereat F-22 fighter jets of the United States air force (USAF) escorted them.

According to official statements, four Tu-95ms strategic missile carriers of the RAF made scheduled sorties, the total flight time exceeded 12 hours.

Long-range pilots make regular flights over neutral waters of the Arctic, North Atlantic, Black and Caspian seas, and Pacific Ocean.

All flights of the Russian air and space force are carried out in strict accordance with the international airspace management system without violating the borders of other states.

Meanwhile, an individual race of motorised rifle units in the framework of the all-army stage of the Suvorov attack contest ended at the Prudboy training ground of the southern military district (SMD) in the Volgograd region.

Motorised rifle platoons of the western military district (WMD), Moscow competed in the race along the route with obstacles and battle tracks for firing.

During the races, each crew of the infantry fighting vehicle covered 21 kilometres (km), having completed three rounds along a special route, crossing 8 artificial obstacles: S-turn, anti-tank ditch, thread-way bridge, etcetera.

Motorised rifle hit targets at a distance from 600 to 1500 metres (m).

Separately, in the tank Biathlon and Suvorov attack all-army contests will be attended by 72 crews of T-72B3 tanks and five platoons on IFV-2, which became the best in the southern, central, western and eastern military districts, the northern fleet, airborne troops.

Competitions will last until April 29 at Prudboy training ground.

Central military district’s (CMD) drivers won the individual race in the military rally 2019 contest. The length of the route was more than 260 km.

The strongest Russian crews competed in the speed of overcoming the route over rough terrain, having artificial obstacles, mountainous reliefs, as well as difficult-to-go sandy areas of terrain with prolonged ascents and steep slopes.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) were used to control the actions of the crews on the track. On the route were deployed checkpoints with technical assistance teams and evacuation means.

In total, in the preliminaries for the right to represent Russia at the international army games 2019, military drivers from 10 teams from the central, eastern, western, southern military districts, the northern fleet, the airborne troops, the Rosguard compete.

Only mass-produced Russian military vehicles adopted for service are participating in the competition.

Competitions will last until May 25.

Furthermore, military engineers from the Khabarovsk became the best at the district stage of the open water professional skill competition, included in the program of international army games 2019.

During the competition, experts conducted engineering reconnaissance of water barriers using a special inflatable boat.

Also with the use of the tracklayer, passages through an anti-tank ditch and a way to a water barrier were equipped.

The servicemen deployed a ferry service and transferred military equipment to the other side.

One of the competitive tasks was the transfer of amphibious tracked vehicle.

It is worth noting that the winning team deployed a 60-ton ferry in 50 minutes.

By the end of this week, military engineers will go to the Vladimir region, where they will take part in the all-army stage of the competition.