US seeks Omani advice on Yemen

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – March 14, 2018
ISLAMABAD: United States (US) defence secretary James Mattis in his meeting with Omani sultan Qaboos and Omani defence minister Al Busaidi on Tuesday discussed how to best achieve a resolution to the Yemeni civil war, Mattis appreciated Oman’s contributes to regional security efforts by playing a key role in Gulf cooperative council (GCC) counterterrorism efforts and ensuring freedom of navigation in the strait of Hormuz.

According to an official statement, Mattis highlighted Oman’s role as a vital regional security partner and explored new ways to strengthen bilateral “defense cooperation”.

The US-Omani partnership is one of the oldest in the region, inaugurated by an 1833 treaty in support of friendship and navigation. The US and Oman have maintained close defense ties since signing a military cooperation agreement in 1980.