US president Biden reassures NATO on its agenda

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – June 9, 2021
WASHINGTON (United States): The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) secretary general (SG) Jens Stoltenberg called on the United States (US) president Joe Biden, on Monday, whereat both the leaders agreed that the ambitious NATO 2030 agenda involves reinforcing collective defence, strengthening resilience, sharpening the alliance’s technological edge, tackling the security impact of climate change, and increasing cooperation with partners who share NATO’s values.

According to a press release, the NATO SG met with the US president at the White House in Washington DC to discuss preparations for the upcoming NATO summit on June 14.

The NATO SG Stoltenberg thanked US president Biden for his leadership and the “powerful commitment” of the US to NATO, saying that he welcomed the president’s “strong message on the importance of alliances.”

He said they agreed on the importance of strengthening NATO in a more competitive world, and that the ambitious decisions to be taken under the NATO 2030 initiative will prepare the alliance for the future.

NATO SG Stoltenberg stressed that this work will require continued investment in defence, and that allies are on the right track, with 7 consecutive years of rising investment across European allies and Canada.

From 2014 to the end of 2021, they will have added a total of $260 billion to their defence budgets, he said, calling this an important reinforcement of shared security and a clear message of resolve.

Earlier on Monday, the NATO SG Stoltenberg met with US defence secretary (DS) Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon.

“The global balance of power is shifting,” NATO SG Stoltenberg said and added, “we face many challenges which we cannot face alone, but we need to face them together in the NATO.”

He recalled that the NATO 2030 agenda involves continued defence investment and the further strengthening of deterrence and defence, “But also to broaden our security agenda, to do more when it comes to resilience, technology, and also working with our partners.”

NATO SG Stoltenberg further stressed that as NATO ends its military presence in Afghanistan, the alliance will continue to provide support for the Afghan forces and people.

Also on Monday, NATO SG met with US national security advisor (NSA) Jake Sullivan.