Turkish president Erdoğan calls for a fight against Islamophobia

By Monitoring Desk
Thursday – November 26, 2020
ANKARA (Turkey): Underscoring that Muslims not only fight against the pandemic this year but also Islamophobia, which is on the rise in western countries, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated, Wednesday, workplaces, houses, places of worship and schools which belong to Muslims in those countries have come under attack by neo-Nazis almost every day, and that Muslim women are either insulted at or harassed verbally in the streets, markets, on busses or boats because of the headscarves they are wearing.

According to a press release, he was addressing via videoconference the 36th ministerial session of the COMCEC, he said, “Fighting against Islamophobia and xenophobia is a requirement of our responsibility towards our brothers and sisters living over there. We cannot sacrifice the rights of our millions of people to the ambitions of incompetent politicians. We cannot allow the racist media’s concerns over circulation figures to poison our future.”

“Our sacred values are trampled upon and nefarious attacks are carried out against our Prophet Muhammad (peace.be.upon.him) under the pretext of freedom of thought and freedom of press,” Turkish president Erdoğan stressed, adding that unlawful acts against Muslims have become ordinary incidents in many western countries.

Stating that enmity towards Islam and Muslims has become a policy protected in person at the presidential level in some European countries, he noted, “Frankly speaking, Muslims are today subjected to a lynch and hatred campaign as same as the one carried out against Jews in Europe before the second world war. Just like the European Jews in 1940s, Muslims are alienated and marginalised and are made ‘scapegoats’ in the hands of media and politicians.”

Pointing out that not only Muslims but also those whose ethnic identities, looks, roots, languages or religions are different are also affected by this abundance of hatred, Turkish president Erdoğan went on to say, “None of us can afford to remain silent in the face of this perilous outcome.”

Further stressing that they must fight within law and democracy against this cultural racism, which has spread over Europe like a plague, by using international platforms as well, he said that they should join forces to that end.

Drawing attention to the adverse effects of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, he said the member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) should plan their steps in light of the facts faced with during the pandemic, and that the means in hand must be mobilised in order to reduce the economic effects of the pandemic and ensure the continuity of production and demands.

Also touching upon the Palestinian issue, Turkish president Erdoğan noted, “The Palestinian issue is one of the foundations which led to the establishment of the OIC. We have launched a new project within COMCEC in order to protect Al-Quds. With COMCEC Al-Quds programme, we aim to both strengthen Al-Quds in economic terms and improve the socio-economic conditions of the Al-Quds people. I believe that you, the member countries, will provide the necessary support to this programme, which will improve the welfare of our Palestinian brothers and sisters. The solidarity among ourselves is very important in this period during which the harassments towards Al-Quds is on the rise and the occupying Israeli regime intensifies its attacks. Unity, solidarity and an active cooperation among ourselves will be our key to success in both the Palestinian cause and in other fields.”