Turkish president Erdoğan boasts defence industry

By Monitoring Desk
Friday – November 13, 2020
ANKARA (Turkey): Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, on Thursday, “We are among the 10 countries that can design, build and maintain their own warships, in the production of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs) and tactical unmanned aerial vehicles (TUAVs) we are among the top 3-4 countries, Turkey is capable of overcoming all the problems caused and overt or covert embargoes imposed by global suppliers.”

According to a press release, he was speaking at a ceremony held for the launch of new Aselsan systems, at Gölbaşı campus, and for opening of facilities.

Turkish president Erdoğan pointed out that Turkey has become a country that can meet the needs of friendly and allied countries together with its own needs.

Drawing attention to the works carried out over the past 18 years to render Turkey a completely independent country in defence industry, Turkish president Erdoğan said, “While 62 defence industry projects were being carried out in 2002, we now have a defence industry where nearly 700 projects have been realised.”

He continued, “We have launched some 350 projects over the past five years alone to more actively fight against the attacks our country is faced with” adding “We have increased the budget of our defence industry projects from $5 billion to $60 billion.”

Turkish president Erdoğan highlighted, “Also during this period, the number of our companies that operate in this sector have reached 1,500 from 56. The turnover of the sector, which was $1 billion, has increased to $11 billion.”

Stating that Turkey’s defence and aviation exports have increased from $248 million to some $3 billion, he said, “We are represented by 7 firms in the world’s top 100 defence companies list. Five more companies of ours have entered this list over the past five years alone.”

Further stressing that Turkey can easily conduct anti-terror operations inside its borders and carry out peace operations outside its borders at will, Turkish president Erdoğan noted, “We owe all this to the progress we have made in defence industry.”