Turkey voices concern over Iranian protests

Monitoring Desk
Wednesday - January 3, 2018
ANKARA (Turkey): Turkish foreign office (FO), in a statement, on Tuesday said, “We are concerned of the news that the demonstrations which started in Iran on December 28th, 2017, are spreading and that there is loss of lives and public buildings are damaged.”

According to detail, Turkish FO statement added, “Turkey attaches great importance to the preservation of peace and stability of friendly and brotherly Iran.”

It educated, “Therefore, taking into consideration the remarks of Iranian president Hassan Rouhani that people have the right to peaceful protest but should not violate the laws and damage public buildings, we believe that it is necessary to refrain from violence and not to give way to provocation.”

Turkish FO statement concluded, “We wish peace gets restored in the country as soon as possible and common sense prevails for preventing escalation while inflammatory discourse and external interventions are avoided.”