Turkey slams US on laying suspicions over Turkish elections

By Monitoring Desk
Saturday – April 21, 2018
ANKARA (Turkey): Turkish foreign office (FO) spokesperson Hami Aksoy, on Friday, lashed out at the concerns of United States (US) state department spokesperson Heather Nauert, on early elections in Turkey to be held under the state of emergency, by educating that all the elections in Turkey have been conducted in a democratic, free, fair and transparent manner that stands confirmed by relevant international monitoring reports.

According to an official statement, Aksoy reminded that the constitutional referendum of 2017 held under the state of emergency is the latest proof of this fact and flayed, “Disregarding this truth and claiming that the state of emergency will make the upcoming elections fall behind the democratic standards is an approach with ulterior motives.”

The state of emergency targets nothing but the activities of the terrorists who threaten the unity of our country and the survival of our state, Turkish FO spokesperson said and added that in Turkey, nobody’s fundamental rights and freedoms have been limited with the exception of the terrorists.

Aksoy mentioned, “I also would like to remind that elections were held under the state of emergency in many other countries” reminding “One of the latest example of this fact is the elections held in France in 2017.”

Turkish FO spokesperson whipped, “Such prejudiced comments of those countries who claim to have adopted democracy and supremacy of law, demonstrate another example of the double standards which apply when it comes to Turkey.”

Aksoy protested, “Furthermore, making statements on the elections that are yet to be held constitutes an intervention on the free will of the people and is unacceptable.”