Turkey reopens Sumela monastery

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – July 29, 2020
ANKARA (Turkey): Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Tuesday, reopened for public the Sumela monastery and invited the Christian orthodox citizens to hold Virgin Mary service, which was discontinued during the restoration works at Sumela monastery, on August 15 this year.

According to an official statement, Turkish president addressed via videoconference the opening ceremony of the second phase of Sumela monastery and the re-opening of Trabzon’s Hagia Sophia mosque following its restoration.

Turkish president Erdoğan said, “We bring this restoration work, which is the epitome of how Turkey protects and beautifies all kinds of civilisation heritages on its lands, to the attention of those who criticise our country.”

He continued, “If we were the kind of nation targeting the symbols of other faiths, as it is claimed or implied to be the case, this monastery, which has been ours for five centuries, would have already ceased to exist.”

Turkish president Erdoğan stated, “The same applies to similar works of art in different parts of Anatolia. We have never pursued destruction or annihilation” asserting “On the contrary, we have always endeavoured to build and ameliorate.”

He stressed, “Inspired by our civilisation and history, we, as Turkey, are determined to constantly increase our efforts for justice, truth and peace” adding “We act with this perspective concerning all the matters we are involved in.”

Turkish president Erdoğan related, “Just as we have not remained indifferent to the cries of the oppressed in Syria, we have not left unanswered the cooperation call of the legitimate government in Libya, either.”

He concluded, “It is with this same understanding that we support our Azerbaijani brothers and sisters’ efforts to defend their homeland and save their lands under occupation.”