Turkey hopes UN will nullify US veto on Jerusalem

Monitoring Desk
Thursday, 21 December 2017
ANKARA (Turkey): Turkish foreign ministry, in a statement, on Wednesday said, “Our expectation regarding the emergency special session of the united nations (UN) general assembly, which Turkish foreign minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu will attend, today, with Palestinian foreign minister is the adoption of a resolution with the greatest support possible confirming the invalidity of the United States (US) administration’s decision and preservation of the historical and legal status of Jerusalem.

According to detail, as the draft resolution on Jerusalem which was submitted to the UN security council was not adopted due to US veto, a delegation consisting of organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) and Arab league members headed by Turkish permanent representative to the UN visited the president of the UN general assembly to enable the UN general assembly to meet in an “emergency special session” in the light of the decisions taken by the OIC extraordinary summit in Istanbul and requested him to call for the convening of the general assembly emergency special session within the framework of the resolution “uniting for peace’’.

As a result of Turkish initiative, president of the UN general assembly notified the member states that he will call the general assembly to meet in an “emergency special session” today.

Meanwhile, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said, “China's position on the Palestine issue is consistent. We always steadfastly support and promote the Middle East peace process” reiterating “We support the just cause of the Palestinian people to regain their legitimate national rights” asserting “China's position in this regard will remain unchanged.”

She added, “Recently, great attention was paid to the discussions and voting on the status of Jerusalem at the UN security council. The Palestine issue is the core of the Middle East issue and it is the root cause of the Middle East peace” praying “We call upon the international community to stay united, jointly stay committed to cooling down the situation in Jerusalem and uphold the peace and tranquility of the Middle East region and the overall picture of the Middle East peace process.”