Trump says north Korea is willing to disarm

By Monitoring Desk
Tuesday – April 10, 2018
NEW YORK (United States): United States (US) president Donald Trump in his remarks, at the cabinet meeting, on Monday expressed annoyance at predecessor US presidents for having failed to bring democratic peoples’ republic of Korea (DPRK/North Korea) to the negotiating table, on nukes’ disarmament.

According to an official statement, Trump added that the bone of contention between the republic of Korea (ROK/south Korea) and the DPRK makes the north resist disarmament of its nukes otherwise DPRK is willing to live peacefully.

He mentioned the likelihood of the meeting with DPRK taking place either in May or early June and assured that US too will make sure that counterparts in the north feel honoured.

Trump said, “Hopefully we will be able to make a deal on the ‘de-nuking’ of north Korea.  They have said so and we too have asserted for the same” assuring “Hopefully, the new US-DPRK relationship will be much different than it has been for many, many years.”

He grieved, “This should have been done by other US presidents but they decided not to, although they could have done it” crying “It would have been a lot easier if a similar deal with DPRK was reached at least five, 10 or 20 years ago” stressing “A lot easier than now.” 

Trump assured that the meeting with north is being setup, expressed his excitement about it and hoped that the entire world will watch the developments with excitement as the meeting will proceed and succeed.

On renewing the deal with ROK, Trump expressed dismay over the last deal and said, “The previous deal with south Korea meant that at least 200,000 jobs will be created” lamenting “The deal only favoured the south Korea with 200,000 jobs whereas we in the US lost jobs” adding “The previous deal with ROK was horrible.”

Trump held that the renewed deal his government will have with south Korea will be fair but lamented, “We usually do not go for fair deals” assuring “We want a fair deal” meaning that both the countries will benefit and that no one will be at the losing end.

He mentioned that any renewal in the deal with south Korea will take time but assured that tremendous progress has already been made.