Taliban warns off against possible religious gathering

By Monitoring Desk
Monday – March 12, 2018
UNDISCLOSED (Afghanistan): Taliban, in a statement on Saturday, warned off Muslim scholars that in order to give a legal face to the illegitimate Kabul administration and in the series of propaganda and deceptive “peace process” efforts, this time around the enemies of our religion, country and independence want to fool internationally respected scholars and Islamic countries by convening a gathering of Islamic scholars in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia or in another country.

According to details, Taliban statement continued, the invaders have employed various stratagems to prolong their indirect occupation, an important part of which is called the “peace process” which seeks the surrender of Mujahideen (warriors) and invalidation of Jihad (holy war) by legitimising the stooge Kabul regime and by passing preposterous fatwas (religious decrees).

The transgressing enemy now wants to pacify the Jihadi uprising of the Afghan nation through misleading propaganda, psychological warfare, undercover plots, fake fatwas and other nonmilitary tactics like peace processes.

The invaders are determined to force the Mujahideen to abandon Jihad, raise their hands in surrender and accept an invasion which cannot be justified religiously nor accepted by human conscience.

The surrogate Kabul administration has declared that this conference will be convened at their behest in order to legitimise the presence of infidel invaders in the Islamic country of Afghanistan by providing misleading information and painting the legitimate Jihad of the Mujahideen as corruption.

They want to present the sacred Jihad in Afghanistan which is on the brink of success as unlawful bloodshed which opposes the texts of Shariah and defames the name of Jihad.

Addressing the Muslim Ummah, Taliban statement added, you know better than anyone else that the American Taghut (idol) is the most tyrannical occupier of the current era and her hands are stained with the blood of hundreds of thousands of Muslims.

You also understand that our nation is a Muslim nation, a poor suffering nation whose home has been invaded by foreign forces. You also realise that the Jihad of our nation is a legitimate struggle being guided and led by esteemed scholars and is the final effort of an oppressed nation against a transgressing occupier.

You also recognise that this conference under the misleading title of peace is being convened by the invaders and their stooges solely for the subjugation of our people. And surely you are also aware of the tricks of the western media that no matter how much you criticise the west inside the conference hall or talk about truth and Shariah, all of it shall stay inside the conference hall and only that will come out to the public which is in the interest of America and damaging to the Muslims and sacred Jihad.

They shall characterise sacred Jihad founded on the texts and principles of Shariah as terrorism and will point to noble scholars as reference.

Therefore we wish to remind you once again that may Allah forbid, your attending of such conference organised by aggressors is not interpreted as a sort of support for them and may Allah forbid, you do not become an instance of this admonition.

Taliban believes with complete reliance on divine help that the enemies of Islam will fail in such intelligence ploys just as they have faced defeat on the battlefield. But due to Islamic brotherhood, we hope that the governments of the Islamic world will not facilitate such conventions.

Our message to the noble scholars is that they avoid participation in such gatherings and decide on this matter based on the book of Allah, prophetic traditions and demands of faith.

Do not afford an opportunity to the invading infidels in Afghanistan to misuse your name and participation in this conference as means of attaining their malicious objective. If it is not possible to openly declare your support for the Mujahideen, then it surely is possible for us to safeguard ourselves from such plots of the infidels and adopt a stance of non-participation.

May Allah allow it that our pain and message reaches you so that we are delivered from torment and punishment of the hereafter due to failing in taking into consideration the rights of each other, Taliban statement concluded.