Taliban warns Trump on indiscriminate killings

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – April 18, 2018
UNDISCLOSED (Afghanistan): Taliban on Monday warned off United States (US) president Donald Trump on his recent direction to militaries to indiscriminately kill the kith and kin of those Afghans who resist against the American forces.

According to an official statement, this behavior is a clear and grave violation of all war and other human rights conventions, agreements, norms and treaties.

It was already and recurrently manifested by the Taliban that the American forces and their trained internal soldiers have been deliberately attacking, killing and injuring civilian people for the last 17 years, and this felony is incessant.

But it is regretful that our warriors have been held responsible for most part of these civilian losses and casualties by the international and other human rights organs, and unsubstantiated reports have been regularly published in this regard.

As the American forces are blatantly ordered and directed by the American president Trump to massacre the civilian people, it certainly establishes how the American occupying forces and their leaders are indifferent about humanity as they regard killing of innocent common people an insignificant issue.

According to us, this phenomenon and perception have been provoked by all those reports published by human rights and other international organs in which an effort has been made to exonerate the felonious of American forces, and this process continues unabated.

The American authorities should be asked a clarification on a high level about their forces who are directed to indiscriminately kill the families of those people who resist against them, including women and children who are definitely civilian people.

If these felonies are perpetuated by the American forces in future, all international human rights and other organs should adopt a clear stance against them.

While drafting and releasing the reports of human losses and casualties, the concerned organs should abide by the fundamental rule of impartiality and should avoid providing chances of further felonies to the perpetrators by acquitting them from the previous ones.