Taliban takes credit for TAPI

By Monitoring Desk
Saturday - February 24, 2018
UNDISCLOSED (Afghanistan): Taliban, in a statement on Friday, took credit for Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project and said, “The TAPI project, an important regional economic project was originally initiated during the reign of Taliban, is among the industrial and economic projects that have faced delays due to the American occupation of Afghanistan.”

According to detail, Taliban statement continued, as the authorship privilege of this project is earned by the Taliban and since the documents and agreements signed between the Taliban and other sides involved in the TAPI project are still present and because most of the TAPI implementation area is under the control of Taliban, therefore the Taliban declares, on Friday, its policy towards the said project.

The Taliban views the project as a vital foundational economic element for the country and considers its proper implementation as good news for the Afghan people.

The Taliban declares its support for the implementation of the said project passing through areas under our control and calls all sides involved to be mindful of the principled policy of the Taliban.

Since Kabul regime holds international record in corruption and during their rule, no important project has ever been undertaken without financial corruption, embezzlement and theft, hence it will also orchestrate extensive corruption in this project.

Therefore if the Taliban, during the implementation of the project, gets hold of resources proving embezzlement and corruption by officials of the regime and squandering of rights of the people, the Taliban will act to stop such actions.

It also hopes that the involved sides will be vigilant in this regard so that this national project does not face complications and delays.

Since this project is purely industrial and economic and the American invaders do not have any economic or military interests in it, therefore it is entirely possible that the Americans, for their vested interests, will create indirect problems for the project like how they created issues for the Mes Ainak project.

The contract for extraction work was signed with the Chinese company in 2008 however the project has yet to begin any practical work.

The TAPI project is the second most important foundational project after Mes Aynak which can positively impact the economic growth of the Afghans.

The Americans can never tolerate any such project and programme which is in the interest of the Afghans. Therefore, Taliban proposes to all sides, excluding the Kabul regime, involved in the TAPI project to take a pact of security and non-jeopardisation from America through the united nations (UN) or some other respected organisation before beginning any work otherwise it is not far that the said project will face similar delays as the Mes Aynak project due to American meddling.

The Taliban deems it its responsibility to revive foundational economic and reconstruction work in the country and asks international construction companies to help the Afghans in this regard.

The Taliban will in return not withhold any support for them, Taliban statement concluded.