Taliban submits to jihadi factions’ plea of talks

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – March 21, 2018
UNDISCLOSED (Afghanistan): On 15th of March during the national day of martyrs gathering in Herat, the former governor of the province Muhammad Ismail Khan called on the Taliban to hold talks with jihadi factions to find a solution to the, tragedy and, war in our homeland if that the Taliban does not wish to respond to the proposals of the unity (Kabul) government.

According to an official Taliban statement on Tuesday, since Ismail Khan is the representative of former jihadi leaders and has sought a response from the Taliban to Kabul’s offer of talks and reaching an understanding, the Taliban wants to make it clear to everyone seeking an end to the ongoing tragedy, the invasion of our country, and who do not support the invaders, be the jihadi personalities or otherwise, to meet with Taliban to exchange views about ending foreign occupation, establishing an Islamic system and reconciliation.

As a principle, the Taliban welcomes all efforts aimed at finding a true solution to the ongoing problems of our country.

Similarly, the leader of the Taliban, during his messages over the past 17 years, has repeatedly called upon the leaders of former jihadi factions with great respect and asked them join their people in the sacred ranks of jihad because the occupiers in general do not have any good intentions towards Afghanistan and the Afghans.

The country is being pushed towards the brink of a crises everyday due to the colonial ambitions of the invaders and today they (the Kabul government) themselves have understood that the invaders are seeking “destruction of Afghanistan” in the garb of ‘rehabilitation’.