Taliban says US facing defeat in Afghanistan

Monitoring Desk
Thursday - December 28, 2017
UNDISCLOSED (Afghanistan): Taliban, Islamic emirate of Afghanistan, in a statement on Wednesday, grieved, “Unfortunately the global tyrant (United States (US)) learnt nothing from the defeat of Soviet Union and invaded Afghanistan at the turn of the century with a slight change of ideology and newer weapons” mourning “American – which had not received a teeth shattering answer since the invasion of the former Yugoslavia – failed to take anything away from the Soviet defeat and instead followed her footsteps of invading Afghanistan.”

According to detail, Taliban statement continued, however all praise belong to Allah, the Afghan nation remains the same old Afghan nation armed with the same faith and sense of pride.

Therefore, it utilised experiences from its jihad against the Soviet Union in the face of the American invasion and today, America is facing “defeat and humiliation” like the former Soviet Union.

Her soldiers were killed, economy weakened and international prestige and status shattered.

Taliban considers this black day of invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union as the mother of all current misfortunes and calls on the supposed Afghans toiling for the invaders to abstain from promoting anti-Islamic and alien ideologies in Afghanistan.

Refrain from remaining the enablers of invaders. Stop killing your brothers under the wings and shadow of occupation. Take heed from the defeat and shameful condition of the communists and put an end to major national treason against your own people and religion.

38 years ago on 6th of Jaddi 1358 Hijri Solar, Afghanistan faced a historical trial of the 20th century as it was invaded by the Soviet Union communist bloc.

During the course of invasions of Afghanistan throughout history, this date left such destructive effects on the oppressed Afghan nation that it is still suffering from it today and has morphed into the latest series of calamities.

The Soviet Union – as the chief exporter of communist doctrine seeking to globalise its repulsive ideology – targeted Afghanistan and transformed the tranquil life of the Muslim Afghan nation into sufferings, martyrdoms, displacement and other misfortunes at the hands of their intelligence agents and mercenaries.

But all praise belong to Allah, the valiant Afghan nation managed to push this repulsive bloc to the dustbin of history over the course of a decade through their religious courage and Afghan pride and avenged their martyrdoms, hardships and sufferings such that no one in the world would ever recognize the Soviet Union or even utter her name.

The jihad and struggle of the Afghans not only emancipated Afghanistan from the jaws of the red anaconda, rather nearly half of the world was set free from the evil of communism and breathed a sigh of relief.