Taliban calls on Afghans not to worry

By Monitoring Desk
Tuesday – August 17, 2021
KANDAHAR (Afghanistan): Taliban (also known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) in a statement, on Sunday, said that in areas which are under the control of the Taliban, people should lead a normal life, especially in the official arena, whether it is educational, health, social or cultural.

According to a press release, the Taliban statement continued: no one should leave their area and country. All shall live a normal life; our nation and country need services, and Afghanistan is our joint home that we will build and serve together.

The areas and provinces that come under the control of the Taliban are in fact an obvious sign of the popularity and acceptance of the Taliban among the people.

Such great and rapid progress cannot be achieved by force without the help of Allah the Almighty and our nation’s great and broad support, to which we shall thank all in words and deeds.

Taliban once again assures all its citizens that it will, as always, protect their life, property and honour and create a peaceful and secure environment for its beloved nation. In this regard, no one should worry about their life.

The mujahideen (the Taliban forces, in this case) should pay utmost attention to the treasury, public facilities, government offices, equipment related to government offices, parks, roads, bridges.

All these are the trust and property of the nation; no personal tampering and negligence should be done with them, rather it should be strictly guarded.

All those who have previously worked and helped the invaders, or are now standing in the ranks of the corrupt administration of Kabul, the Taliban have opened its door for them and have announced for them amnesty.

We once again invite them all to come and to serve the nation and the country.

The military and civilian personnel who join the ranks of the Taliban should not be worried because the Taliban is determined to appoint them in a proper manner as per their abilities and talents to serve their country and nation in the future.

Recently, the Kabul administration launched a series of baseless and vicious propaganda, in which they gave false information to some countries and international organisations.

They have allegedly accused the Taliban of crimes committed by themselves, or are the crimes of the intelligence agencies affiliated with them.

Despite this, they always publish fake declarations and statements under the name of the Taliban or by the name of the leaders and officials of Taliban.

Such lies and far-fetched propaganda can’t be reasonably and logically accepted.

Sometimes they claim that the Taliban forces people to marry their daughters, or to marry them to the mujahideen.

Sometimes they say that the mujahideen are killing people, killing prisoners and captives, and allegedly making various accusations which are all baseless.

Taliban is not interested in anyone’s private property, (not in anyone’s cars, not in anyone’s land and houses, not in anyone’s markets and shops), rather it considers protection of lives and properties of the nation its primary responsibility.

Those who have recently been affected by the enemy’s propaganda, displaced internally, or migrated to foreign countries, whether official or civilian, they should return to their homes and areas; there is no problem for them. We will protect their life, property and honour.

Taliban has ordered its mujahideen and once again instructs them that no one is allowed to enter anyone’s house without permission. Life, property and honour of none shall be harmed but rather should be protected by mujahideen.

The enemy may have recruited some people to misuse the title of mujahid (a Taliban soldier, in this case) to harass or inflict pain on the people. In this regard, the nation and people should help the mujahideen to inform the grievance and complaint commission of the Taliban.

Our message to the businessmen, industrialists and investors is to carry on their business normally and to serve the nation.

Taliban will provide a safe and conducive environment for their business, and the Taliban struggles to help you what it can according to its capabilities.

Once again, we assure all our neighbours that we will not create any problems for them, they should thereby have confidence.

We also assure all the diplomats, embassies, consulates, and charitable workers, whether they are international or national that not only no problems will be created for them by the Taliban but security and a secure environment will be provided to them. Inshallah, the Taliban statement concluded.