TMBL signs MoU with PBM for the needy

By Staff Reporter
Thursday – April 9, 2020
ISLAMABAD: In order to support widows and persons with disabilities, at their door step, Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM) is going to execute an inclusive plan in collaboration with Telenor Microfinance Bank Limited (TMBL), Wednesday, PBM and TMBL signed the memorandum of understanding (MoU), in a simple ceremony with less gathering and precautionary measures in place to avoid coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

According to an official statement, talking on the video link with (TMBL) chief executive officer (CEO) Mudassar Aqil, PBM managing director (MD) Aon Abbas Buppi said that present critical condition invokes the philanthropic participation of every person to help the needy country fellows.

Expressing his gratitude to TMBL CEO Aqil, for offering their services free of charge, PBM MD Buppi said that this cooperation interprets the vision of prime minister (PM) Imran Khan to take concrete steps for supporting the vulnerable populace in the time of hardships.

Sharing the details of the initiative, he added that in the wake of coronavirus outbreak, PBM’s centres for orphan children throughout the country “Dar-ul-Ehsaas” are closed and that the children are living with their mothers and/or guardians.

PBM has decided to transfer the expenses amount for around 5,000 children to their mother that was earlier being borne by PBM in the centres, against their boarding, food, education and clothing.

Likewise, PBM will provide the financial assistance to around 5,000 persons with disabilities, associated with PBM, under special friend project, countrywide.

The TMBL will facilitate PBM for computerised national identity card (CNIC) based electronic payments to the beneficiaries.

While talking on video link, TMBL CEO Aqil commended the program for facilitating the orphan children and disabled persons during the crisis. He also showed his passion to work jointly with PBM to minimise the sufferings of poor and needy populace of the country.