Surge in ‘anti-Islam’ crimes is worrisome: Turkey

By Monitoring Desk
Thursday – May 10, 2018
ANKARA (Turkey): Turkish presidential spokesperson İbrahim Kalın on Wednesday expressed concern over German interior ministry report shedding light on significant surge in ‘anti-Islam’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ hate crimes, with 1,507 anti-Semitic crimes – that account for at least a 2.5 percent increase – were committed in Germany in 2017.

According to Kalın, having all these in mind, our message is clear and simple, the source of anti-Semitism is neither Islam nor Muslims, but the “far right” movements and groups, racist discourses, and hate speeches which are on the rise in Europe.

“So, instead of making some calls or putting forward some demands and steps about our holy book, the Europeans in question had better first take measures against these far right movements that are on the rise in Europe.”

They should make efforts to prevent the rise of the far right rather than attacking our book. Because, the source of anti-Semitism and anti-Islam racist hate speeches is neither Muslims nor the book of our holy religion.

It is the far right racist hatred speeches which are on the rise in Europe.

Another important development is the unilateral withdrawal of the United States (US) from the nuclear deal (the joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA)) with Iran.

We are in favor of maintaining this deal (JCPOA). The unilateral withdrawal of the US from the deal is worrisome. It might lead to new instabilities, tensions and conflicts in the region.

Unilaterally abolishing or cancelling a deal which was reached as a result of diplomatic initiatives after long negotiations is, doubtlessly, destroying the credibility of the US, as well.

Since it is a multilateral deal, we, with other countries, are of the opinion that it should be maintained as before. As a matter of fact, various European countries made joint statements on this issue.

However, let me underline this, as well, “We don’t want any country in the region to have ‘nuclear’ weapons.”

It is our primary objective to completely clear our region of all nuclear weapons “no matter whom they belong to”.

“This includes all countries in the region that is or are known to have nuclear weapons.” Therefore, our dialogues and initiatives on this issue will continue, and we will closely follow the case, he concluded.