Shoigu whips US led coalition on failing to combat Daesh

By Monitoring Desk
Thursday – April 5, 2018
MOSCOW (Russia): Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu on Wednesday flayed the international coalition of 30 countries that were tasked to eradicate the presence of Daesh in Syria and stated, “United States (US) led anti-terrorist coalition failed to counter terrorism in Syria” exposing “It merely aimed at establishing military and economical presence in Syria” whipping “Territories controlled by the Daesh in Syria and Iraq were only increasing.”

According to an official statement, on Wednesday, the 7th Moscow conference on international security began with Middle East outlook after eradication of Daesh in Syria as the main topic, particular attention is placed on discussing post-conflict recovery and establishing of a peaceful life in the Syrian Arab republic.

“Today, the world is facing a crucial moment: relations between countries are changing, conflicts are solved by force more and more often. Claims made by a number of countries on their exclusiveness are encouraging a new arms race,” Shoigu stated.

He added, “It is hard to believe that the powerful coalition could not fight terrorists in the region. It is evident that the coalition had other aims: to undermine situation in the region and deploy military and economical presence in the area.”

In conclusion of his speech, the head of the Russian military department stressed that challenges and threats in the security field were changing. According to him, it is necessary to analyse them constantly and search for joint decisions.

Shoigu expressed his hope that ideas that could make a basis for a renewed security system will be voiced in course of the conference. Special plenary sessions will be focused on security in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America with an emphasis on cooperation among military departments on security in the regions.

The “soft power” phenomenon will be discussed separately as a tool to address military and political issues.

More than 850 guests have arrived in Moscow to attend the forum. Among them there are defence ministers and delegations of military departments, experts and academicians from 95 countries.

Heads of the following international organisations will address the forum – the united nations (UN), organisation for security and co-operation in Europe (OSCE), collective security treaty organisation (CSTO), Shanghai cooperation organisation (SCO), commonwealth of independent states (CIS) and international committee of the red cross (ICRC).

More than 700 representatives of domestic and foreign mass media have registered to highlight the 7th Moscow conference on international security.