Sharif blasts Trump on unethical tweets

By Zeeshan Ghayur
Thursday - January 4, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim league Nawaz (PML-N) president Nawaz Sharif responding to United States (US) president Donald Trump on Wednesday, upon withholding $255 million in aid, said, “This is not 2001, when a military dictator was in power, who bowed in-front of US threats” lashing “This is PML-N’s civilian tenure which does not succumb to loud threats” flaying “Do not rename coalition support fund as aid.”

He declared, “We do not want any fund on which we will be humiliated upon” flaying “Thereafter which you, Trump, are ought to expect absolutely no support from us, whatsoever it maybe.”

Sharif asserted, “I am sure had there been a civilian government in power in 2001, it would never have succumbed to US threats nor placed its dignity at stake.”

He instructed, “I demand prime minister (PM) Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to undertake such measures that Pakistan rids itself from the need of any American aid/fund.”

Sharif noted, “US president Trump, in the beginning of the year, came up with non-serious tweets that is regretful” educating “Any State’s head while addressing other States is ought to adhere certain determined international manners and diplomatic ethics.”

He reminded, “Since 9/11, only Pakistan has brunt the most damage when compared with other States” mourning “We have fought this battle for 17 years that was not ours to fight, in the first place.”

Sharif said, “US president is ought to realise that in 2013, when PML-N took governance in hands, Zarb-e-Azb, the military operation against terrorists, was launched, countrywide” educating “Today, the terrorism countrywide has been rooted out, terrorist havens have been dismantled and destroyed, a few left overs will soon be dealt with.”

He noted, “Despite immense sacrifices that our nation has brunt, fighting the war against terror, the international community still perceives us as the villain” pleading “We are ought to investigate this phenomenon before it is too late.”

Sharif invited people from all walks of life to investigate this issue and come up with solutions before any other State raises the same sort of allegations against us.

He said, “This is the year of general elections, history has shown that Pakistan has experienced turbulent times during general elections, the most regretful fact is that our first general elections took place 23 years after the creation of our State” mourning “The results of which were, even at that time, not accepted by general public” grieving “Which led to division of the country.”

This is the reason, Sharif added, that no democratic PM has completed his constitutional tenure ever since the assassination of our first PM Liaquat Ali Khan.

He grieved, “Quaid-e-Azam said that public opinion is never wrong” mourning “However, in Pakistan ever since 70 years, efforts are being extended towards the rule that public opinion is faulty.”

Sharif opinionated that invisible forces are devising ill plans to bring in power the pampered Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan and called on the nation to support him, so that the invisible hands resist from implementing any such plan.

He threatened, “If people behind the curtain will not stop devising ill plans then I will be compelled to present, in-front of entire nation, the evidences that I have collected so far against their ill designs.”

Sharif educated, “Enslaved democracy is very much similar to dictatorship and does not in any way serve the needs of nation.”