Shall extend support to achieve development goals: China

By Staff Reporter
Friday – May 1, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The People’s Republic of China (PRC) ambassador Yao Jing called on the economic affairs (EA) minister Khusro Bukhtiar, Thursday, Chinese ambassador appreciated EA minister’s support and assured that the government of PRC (GoPRC) and corporate sector will extend all needed support to Pakistan to achieve development goals set by the government.

According to an official statement, the EA minister appreciated the assistance extended by GoPRC to fight the pandemic.

The economic recovery after COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic will be contingent on the developments around China Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC).

EA minister Bukhtiar highlighted that CPEC is now entering into a new phase.

It was discussed that priority in the second phase is on socio-economic sector projects, with grant financing for direct benefit of common man, which can be utilised to improve health infrastructure for an effective response to the pandemic.

The promotion of business to business (B2B) relationship for technological and industrial development, through relocation of plants and factors to benefit from establishment of special economic zones (SEZs) remained an important milestone.

EA minister Bukhtiar also stated that the government is ensuring that all the ongoing projects will be completed on fast track basis and in expeditious manner.

The minister highlighted that the vision of the government is on building institutions and improving governance to steer the economy towards sustainable development.

The Chinese ambassador appreciated government’s resolve to face the challenges on economic and development fronts particularly in the wake of developments after COVID-19 pandemic.

The EA secretary also attended the meeting.