Senate LoH invites Kenyan joint ventures in education and health

By Staff Reporter
Friday – October 9, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The senate leader of the house (LoH) senator Shahzad Wasim said, Thursday, that Pakistan considers Kenya an important country and desires to further enhance mutual cooperation in diverse sectors.

According to an official statement, the high commissioner of Kenya Julius Kibet Bitok called on senate LoH senator Wasim at the parliament house, in the federal capital, and exchanged views on matters of mutual interests and bilateral significance.

Senate LoH senator Wasim emphasised the need for further enhancing trade and economic cooperation as much of the areas still remain unexplored.

Kenyan envoy Bitok informed that Pakistan is the largest importer of Kenyan tea and observed that there is a large scope for exploring new opportunities.

Senate LoH senator Wasim said that education and health are sectors in which both sides can initiate joint ventures. He however, emphasised the need for providing the investors opportunity to come into interaction for exploring investment opportunities.

Senate LoH senator Wasim also highlighted the significance of parliamentary cooperation and enhanced institutional linkages. He said that parliamentary cooperation needs to be enhanced through frequent exchange of delegations.

Both sides, Senate LoH senator Wasim said enjoy cordial relations at international forums and this can further be enhanced through mutual institutional collaboration and exchange of visits at highest level.

Senator Sitara Ayaz also attended the meeting, wherein she underscored the need to enhanced linkages at parliamentary and other levels for mutual benefit of the two sides.

Kenyan envoy Bitok observed that Pakistan and Kenya enjoy excellent cooperation and that Kenya aims to further enhance bilateral ties with Pakistan and lauded Pakistan’s strategy to contain coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and said that the leadership of Pakistan took bold decisions by not only protecting the people but also providing economic relief to the marginalised segments. 

He culminated that Pakistan - Kenyan ties are historical and that we need to further build these mutually beneficial ties.