Selenga 2020 begins in Russia

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – October 28, 2020
MOSCOW (Russia): Military personnel of the Mongolian armed forces crossed the state border of the Russian Federation in the city of Kyakhta, Tuesday, to participate in the annual international Russian-Mongolian exercise Selenga.

According to a press release, in the current year, the exercise will be held for the first time in a ‘remote’ format, where each of the parties will perform tasks at different ranges.

A task force of 12 military specialists from the Mongolian armed forces was sent to conduct joint planning for the actions of the two countries’ troops in order to destroy a mock enemy.

Before departure, military personnel had to pass tests for the presence or absence of a viral infection, representatives of the Mongolian armed forces passed an additional rapid test at the international automobile checkpoint (IAC), and military medical specialists of the Russian eastern military district (EMD) is to conduct an additional blood test for coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Selenga 2020 exercise is aimed at fighting international terrorism.

During the exercise, the military personnel of the two countries on several ranges using various tactics of modern combat will eliminate conditional illegal armed groups.

This year the exercise has involved a number of units of motorised formations of Russian EMD combined army stationed in the Republic of Buryatia, with a total number of about 500 people and about 100 pieces of equipment.

The opening ceremony of the annual Selenga exercise will take place today.