Sawati will be Senate opposition leader: PTI

By Staff Reporter
Saturday – March 17, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (PTI) nominated on Friday senator Azam Khan Sawati as candidate for the slot of opposition leader in senate, PTI also announced to launch the country-wide election campaign from April 29th after April 19th Lahore procession.

According to an official statement, the announcements were made at the end of the core group meeting held on Friday with PTI chairman Imran Khan at his Banigala residence.

“Nomination of opposition leader in Senate is PTI’s right and till March 22nd the newly elected members have to finalise party affiliations,” PTI statement imparted.

PTI expressed concerns over government representatives’ statements about the privatisation of Pakistan international airlines (PIA) and Pakistan steel mill (PSM). PTI leader Arif Alvi has been directed to contact PIA and PSM unions regarding the grave matter.

PTI’s anti-corruption cell has been directed to begin revealing the corruption scandals in Punjab.

PTI statement declared, “Let it be clear that PTI will not accept the privatisation of PIA and PSM, terming it a matter of national importance.”

PTI statement held that the privatisation of PTI and PSM is a serious matter and that the incumbent regime must not rush decisions and rather should wait for the next government to handle the issue.