Sadiq catches up with Kahraman

By Staff Reporter
Monday – March 26, 2018
ISLAMABAD: National assembly (NA) speaker Ayaz Sadiq while talking to Turkish, unicameral, NA speaker Ismail Kahraman on Sunday, during the sidelines of 138th inter parliamentary union (IPU) assembly at Geneva in Switzerland, held that Pakistan attaches great importance to its relations with Turkey and that both the brotherly countries are tied in the bonds of religion, history and culture.

According to an official statement, he added that the existing relations can be further cemented through enhanced interaction of parliamentarians of both the countries.

Sadiq said that people of Pakistan and Turkey have exemplary feelings of respect and friendliness for each other that can best be materialised in the form of enhanced economic cooperation.

He termed the friendship between his country and Turkey a historic association that is deeply imbedded in our people’s hearts and minds.

Underlining the importance of inter parliamentary exchange of delegations, Sadiq held that greater exchange of parliamentary delegations is necessary because such exchanges will provide opportunities to exchange views and learn from the experiences of each other. 

He stressed the need for robust connectivity with Turkey and added that Turkey holds a unique importance in Pakistan’s strategic calculations for regional cooperation.

In response, Kahraman said that Turkey is determined to foster robust ties with Pakistan through enhanced bilateral and multilateral cooperation. He remarked that Pakistan-Turkey bilateral cooperation will unleash a new wave of connectivity in the region.

Kahraman reaffirmed his commitment for expanding trade and cultural relations with Pakistan and urged the need for greater exchanges of parliamentary delegations.

He mentioned that Turkish people can never forget the sacrifices rendered by Indo-Pak Muslims during the “Turk war of liberation” and concluded that his country’s strong desire is to translate that historic association with Pakistan into economic and strategic partnership in all fields for mutual benefit.