Sadiq appreciates Pak-Russian parliamentary ties

Staff Report
ISLAMABAD: National assembly (NA) speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq in a meeting with Russian state duma committee on security and counter corruption chairman V.I. Piskarev, on Tuesday, stressed the need for regular interaction between the political and parliamentary leadership to build the bridges of understanding and friendship between Pakistan and Russia; an official statement said.

He appreciated that constant engagement from either side has added depth to the existing relations.

Sadiq said that Pakistan considers Russia a valuable friend who has been partner in economic and infrastructure developments in Pakistan. He said that he will always endeavour to strengthen the ties between the legislatures of the two countries.

NA speaker pointed out that both the countries have similar views on various international issues and already support each other in various global fora.

Sadiq emphasised the need of closer cooperation between Russia and Pakistan to effectively combat the menaces of drug trafficking and terrorism and to ensure peace and stability in the region.

He informed the Russian delegation that Pakistan is focusing on how to tackle terrorism in the region and how to connect with each other. “Speakers from China, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan will jointly focus these common causes in Islamabad from 23rd to 26th December and will pave way for a new era of development and prosperity in the region,” Sadiq mentioned.

He said that vast opportunities for Pakistan and Russia are available in economic and trade sectors that can provide long-term benefits for both the countries. He stressed upon the need of further boosting the ties between Pakistan and Russia in trade, business, energy, defence, textile, metallurgy, manufacturing, etc.

Piskarev supported to hold a conference in Pakistan devoted to connectivity, security issues and fight against terrorism with the participation of Iran, China, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey and Afghanistan.

He said that Pak-Russia cooperation is highly central for tackling regional challenges including terrorism, drug trafficking and regional stability.

Piskarev added that Russia attaches immense importance to its relations with Pakistan and assured that Russia is ready to assist Pakistan in diverse fields including agriculture, textile, manufacturing, infrastructure, defence and education.

Pak Russian friendship group convenor Marvi Memon and Russian ambassador Alexey Y. Dedov were present during the meeting.