SAPM Bukhari appreciates Saudi tourism plans

By Staff Reporter
Wednesday – June 24, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The national tourism board (NTB) chairman, special assistant to prime minister (SAPM), Sayed Zulfikar Bukhari informed, Tuesday, Saudi Arabia’s tourism minister (TM) Ahmed-bin-Aqeel Al-Khatib about plans to launch Pakistan’s national tourism brand and his visit to Saudi Arabia to further collaborate on tourism projects that were delayed due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), and appreciated the Saudi strategy for tourism development.

According to an official statement, SAPM Bukhari held a video call with the Saudi TM Al-Khatib.

Saudi TM Al-Khatib requested to be provided a draft of Pakistan’s tourism strategy to carry out an assessment of Pakistan’s tourism potential to which SAPM Bukhari agreed.

He enlightened SAPM Bukhari on the newly established Saudi tourism development fund (TDF).

Saudi TM Al-Khatib highlighted the importance of assessing regulations on development of tourism industry and offered help to project Pakistan’s tourism in Saudi Arabia.

The two agreed on protecting the heritage and preserving the indigenous cultural identity while promoting tourism.

SAPM Bukhari informed Saudi TM Al-Khatib about the huge potential in Pakistan’s tourism sector, and invited him to consider it as investment opportunities.

He apprised Saudi TM Al-Khatib on plans to boost development not merely in terms of smaller sites but also big projects which is a very lucrative investment for hotel industry.

The two discussed strategies for reopening tourism sector and laid emphasis on its importance to revive local economies.