Russian fighter jets conduct mock dogfight at supersonic speeds

Monitoring Desk
Wednesday - January 24, 2018
MOSCOW (Russia): The MiG-31 high-altitude fighter-interceptor performed as an air border infringer, on Tuesday, at an altitude of about 20 kilometres (km), where the ‘infringer’ was to penetrate into the airspace of Russia at the maximum speed, cross the assigned line and shake off any pursuit; an official statement said.

According to detail, the MiG-31 interceptor scrambled from the Yelizovo air base to intercept the target Kamchatka Krai.

In order to complicate the task, the MiG-31 crew was ordered to locate and eliminate the ‘infringer’ without involving any ground-based air defence means.

In order to achieve optimal conditions for target interception, the fighter crew took a position in lower layers of the stratosphere at supersonic speed of over 2,200 km per hour at an altitude of more than 14 km, carried out searching, seizing and eliminating the air target through electronic missile launch.

Despite the anti-missile maneuvering of the mock ‘infringer,’ the target was successfully hit.

The mock air border infringer was eliminated at a distance of more than 100 km.