Russian aircrafts fly to Belarus for aerobics

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – July 4, 2018
MOSCOW (Russia): The crews of Su-30CM fighters and Su-34 fighter-bombers on Tuesday took off from the airfield of the Russian western military district in the Kursk region to flight execution to Belarus to participate in the aviation part of the military parade of the independence day.

According to official statements, Ka-52 helicopters, which will also take part in the flight of aircraft, were transferred to the Machylichi airfield in the Minsk region.

It will be at an altitude of 200 meters at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour (km/h).

In total, 12 aircrafts will be involved in the air parade from the Russian armed forces and an airborne unit will also take part in the walking parade.

On July 3, 1944, during Bagration operation, Minsk was liberated from Nazi invaders.

Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin on Tuesday congratulated Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko on the country’s national holiday, the independence day.

“July 3 is a memorable date in the history of Belarus.

“The liberation of Minsk from the Nazi invaders was one of the most important victories attained by our fathers and grandfathers during the great patriotic war.

“Their legacy of fraternal friendship and mutual assistance continues to serve as the solid foundation for the further development of Russian-Belarusian ties,” Putin wrote in his message.

He expressed gratitude to Lukashenko for the hospitality the Russian delegation recently enjoyed in the capital of Belarus and expressed confidence that the implementation of the decisions adopted at the meeting of the supreme state council of the union state will help the advancement of bilateral integration.

Putin also confirmed the resolve to continue to work constructively within the union state and the Eurasian economic union (EEU) in the interests of both nations.