Russia wants to save the JCPOA

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – January 27, 2021
MOSCOW (Russia): In his delegation level talk with Iranian foreign minister (FM) Mohammad Javad Zarif, Tuesday, the Russian FM Sergey Lavrov said the task of saving the joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA) ranks among the most topical subjects.

According to a press release, Iranian FM Zarif along-with his delegation called on Russian FM Lavrov in the Russian capital.

He continued, “Russia and Iran are sincerely interested in seeing all JCPOA signatories resume the fulfilment of their obligations.”

Russian FM Lavrov mentioned, “Considering the regional role of our countries, we are interested in deepening dialogue on such matters as security in the Persian Gulf and the Afghan peace settlement.”

He stressed, “We will discuss the situation in Nagorno Karabakh following the agreements reached by the presidents of Russia and Azerbaijan and the prime minister (PM) of Armenia on November 9, 2020, and January 11, 2021.”

Russian FM Lavrov asserted, “The continued exchange of opinions with our Iranian friends as regards the Syrian peace settlement, Yemen and other conflicts in the Middle East is of great interest in the context of keeping alive the decision on the Palestinian peace settlement.”

He highlighted, “The task of fighting terrorism, drug trafficking and other forms of organised crime is a traditionally important aspect of our bilateral dialogue, as well as in the context of cooperation at international organisations.”

Russian FM Lavrov appreciated, “I am delighted to welcome you to Moscow once again. We highly value the constructive and permanent nature of our dialogue, which helps us discuss any matters of bilateral relations and the international agenda in an effective trust-based manner.”

He concluded, “The presidents of Russia and Iran communicate regularly. We have a good opportunity to assess the fulfilment of agreements that were reached at the highest level, primarily in the context of bilateral relations.”