Russia wants Sarmat — intercontinental ballistic missile — by 2022

By Monitoring Desk
Saturday – August 7, 2021
MOSCOW (Russia): The Krasnoyarsk machine-building plant is ready to implement a long-term contract for supplying the armed forces of the Russian Federation with new intercontinental ballistic missile ‘Sarmat,’ Russian defence minister (DM), general of the army, Sergey Shoigu said on Friday.

According to press releases, the Russian DM visited the Krasnoyarsk machine-building plant ‘Krasmash’ to inspect the production workshops of the establishment and to hear the report of its administration.

‘Krasmash’ is ready to implement a long-term contract for supplying Russian armed forces with ‘Sarmat’ missiles.

“We have just reviewed all the issues related to the new types of armament. We have examined the readiness of the ‘Krasmash’ to implement the long-term contract for one of the most formidable armaments that our country has to possess: it is the missile ‘Sarmat’. We are totally confident that the ‘Krasmash’ will complete the assigned tasks,” Russian DM Shoigu said.

The DM added that he could not yet say with certainty that the ‘Krasmash’ will be capable of providing this programme back in 2019, but today he is convinced of this.

“The flight testing is (to start) this year, shall be finished in 2022, and in the same 2022 our first regiment shall enter into service of the strategic missile forces. I am not going to mention the precise area, it is nearby,” Russian DM Shoigu said.