Russia releases detail of Aman-2021 exercise manoeuvres

By Monitoring Desk
Thursday – February 18, 2021
MOSCOW (Russia): A detachment of ships of the Russian Navy consisting of the frigate Admiral Grigorovich, the patrol ship Dmitry Rogachev and the rescue tug SB-739 has completed participation in the maritime phase of the multinational naval exercise Aman-2021, which was held in the waters of the Arabian Sea in the period from February 15 to 16.

According to a press release, on Wednesday, for two days, the crews of the ships of the participating countries of the naval manoeuvres worked out issues of interaction in repelling attacks of high-speed small-sized targets, conducted training on joint manoeuvring with the formation of marching orders, performed actions to receive cargo from the supply ship on the move, and also practiced exercises to counter piracy with firing from various systems of ship artillery weapons, including the surface targets of type Killer Tomato on the distance of about five kilometres (km).

In addition to the naval forces, naval aviation was actively involved in the Aman-2021 exercise, including the crew of the Ka-27PS helicopter of the Naval Aviation and Air Defence of the Black Sea Fleet, based on board the frigate Admiral Grigorovich.

The multinational naval exercise Aman-2021, which attended by representatives of the armed forces of 45 countries on the invitation of Pakistani side ended in Arabian Sea.

The main goals of the exercise Aman-2021 was the strengthening and development of the military cooperation between the countries-participants in the interest of security and stability on the sea and also exchange of the experience between navy men on countering the piracy threats in the areas of heavy shipping and also conduct of rescue operations.

The naval exercise Aman-2021 is a non-block exercise.

All the countries-participants joined the naval exercise independently on the invitation of Pakistani side.