Russia points out British war crimes

By Monitoring Desk
Sunday – December 1, 2019
MOSCOW (Russia): Russian foreign office (FO) spokesperson Maria Zakharova, addressing a press conference on Thursday, mentioned, “We have noted the recent reports in the media (journalistic investigations) that contain evidence of war crimes committed at different times by the British military in Iraq and Afghanistan with the connivance of United Kingdom (UK) politicians and intelligence agencies.”

According to an official statement, she continued: more specifically, I can cite the data that we have gathered from these reports. There is evidence of 52 cases of the murder of local residents by the British military in Afghanistan before 2017, although investigations into those cases were closed without charges.

In particular, there was an execution of four Afghan children by a British commando. The children were definitely not engaged in any terrorist or dangerous activities, and were not involved in any extremist attacks.

They were having lunch at home. A spokesman for the UK Ministry of Defence commented on the publications by calling them “unsubstantiated allegations.”

Earlier, as part of a major investigation by the British police code-named Operation Northmoor, it was reliably established that the British intelligence agencies forged documents to shift the responsibility for the killing of unarmed persons to the Afghan army.

The investigators obtained videos that show how British, not Afghan, soldiers shoot at unarmed Afghan civilians. According to media reports (we have articles and links, and I am sure you have them as well – this data was published back in 2017), the UK Ministry of Defence was going “to avoid any of the detail of the accusations getting into the press and thereby undermining, in their view, national security, public trust, and work with allies.”

Even this phrase alone is enough to understand the scale of the event and the British authorities’ approach to concealing the information and facts regarding major international problems and issues, as well as generally to deliberate misinformation, deliberate stretching of facts and various circumstances in carrying out provocations.

We have repeatedly witnessed such provocations prepared by the official London. Moreover, London called the evidence gathered during the investigation credible and very serious and threatening to bring down the government.

The investigations mentioned above only concern the British military, but if you look at the situation from a wider angle, similar crimes in Afghanistan were committed by representatives of other states.

In particular, there were reports of 17 injured Afghans, including the death of 7 children in 2014 (these facts need to be verified), as a result of the New Zealand military’s negligence when they failed to properly clear the grounds they no longer used from mines.

It seems that the lack of regard for the local population has created a favourable environment for these crimes. It looked like those same people the international forces were stationed there to help, to restore stability, security and defeat terrorism, were treated as some second-class people whose lives can be sacrificed in the name of selfish political or other interests.

These flagrant attempts to conceal such facts give the perpetrators a sense of permissiveness and impunity.

We strongly condemn the crimes against civilians in Afghanistan and urge the British and New Zealand authorities to complete the investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice, and stop concealing the evidence.

We also demand that the command of foreign military contingents deployed in Afghanistan take comprehensive measures to prevent future crimes against civilians. We are confident that it will be difficult to defeat international terrorism without restoring justice.