Russia disinfects elderly homes in Italy

By Monitoring Desk
Monday – April 27, 2020
MOSCOW (Russia): Russian military specialists, together with Italian armed forces and Russian nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection unit, disinfected the interior and surrounding roads of three more medical institutions in Brescia province, on Sunday.

According to an official statement, disinfection was carried out in homes for the elderly in Chiari, Kokkallo and Rovato cities of Brescia province, Italy.

In total, Russian military doctors, epidemiologists and specialists of NBC protection troops of the Russian defence ministry, together with the Italian military, carried out a complete disinfection of boarding houses for the elderly in 77 localities in Lombardy.

85 buildings and structures, more than 650,000 square meters of internal premises and more than 130,000 square meters of paved roads were processed.

Crews of mobile aerosol disinfection systems and auto-filling stations are involved in anti-epidemic measures on a daily basis.

The international teams working in the field hospital in Bergamo include anaesthetists, therapists, epidemiologists, and nurses.

In addition to medical specialists, Russian translators are on duty in each team to help Russian doctors communicate with patients and Italian colleagues.

To work in the field hospital from the Russian side, 8 medical and nursing teams are involved, which carry out the reception and treatment of patients in all intensive care units (ICUs) and departments for the treatment of patients with mild and moderate stages.

In total, 32 Russian military doctors and nurses were involved in the treatment of patients in the field hospital.

The duty of medical and nursing teams is organised around the clock in three shifts. The hospital has 142 beds.