Russia despatches convoy to Italy amid COVID-19

By Monitoring Desk
Monday – March 23, 2020
MOSCOW (Russia): The first Il-76 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces (RAF) with military specialists and equipment flew, on Sunday, from the Chkalovsky military airfield to the Italian republic to assist in the fight against coronavirus.

According to an official statement, the aircraft will deliver to the Italian air force base Praktik de Mare (30 kilometres southwest of Rome, Italy) groups of military doctors, specialists in the sphere of virology and epidemiology with modern equipment for the diagnosis and conduct of disinfection measures.

The group includes about 100 people with extensive practical experience in fighting the spread of viral infections, eliminating complex epidemiological situations, and organising the disinfection of buildings, structures and water intake systems.

Russian specialists are provided with the necessary modern equipment, special equipment and medical preparations.

Major General Sergey Kikot, who heads the group of Russian experts, is a leading developer and specialist in the application of the latest samples of special processing systems. Practically performed tasks on organisation of work in difficult epidemiological conditions of outbreaks of anthrax, elimination of consequences of floods.

Among Russian specialists, Lieutenant Colonel Gennady Eremin is a leading scientist at the research centre, candidate of medical sciences, an expert in the field of organising and conducting epidemiological activities. 

The group also includes Lieutenant Colonel Vyacheslav Kulish, who is a specialist in the development of protection against biological agents of a viral nature. Participated in the development of Ebola vaccines and anti-plague drugs. Expert in the field of virology, organisation and conduct of special treatment, as well as anti-epidemic measures.

Lieutenant Colonel of the medical service Alexander Yumanov, associate professor of the military medical academy named after S. M. Kirova, candidate of medical sciences will also take part in the work.

In 2019, he participated in the exercises of the military medical services of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) member States and the dialogue partners of the “ADMM plus”  MEDEX-2019 format in India on anti-epidemic support in natural disasters and emergencies.

As part of a group of Russian military specialists, he participated in the deployment of a mobile hospital in the Republic of Guinea as part of the international Ebola program.

Also in the group is a leading scientist-epidemiologist, Colonel of medical service Alexey Smirnov, candidate of medical sciences. Author of more than 70 scientific papers devoted to the study of epidemiology and prevention of current infectious diseases.

Actively participated personally in the development of a vaccine against Ebola.