Russia cures 75 coronavirus infected Italians

By Monitoring Desk
Thursday – May 7, 2020
MOSCOW (Russia): The specialists of the medical and nursing teams of the Russian defence ministry together with Italian medical specialists completely cured of coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and discharged 75 patients from the field hospital deployed in Bergamo City, on Wednesday.

According to an official statement, lieutenant colonel Alexander Yumanov, who heads the group of Russian military doctors, said that 112 patients with coronavirus infection were treated at the hospital, 75 of them were completely cured and discharged.

“The Bergamo field hospital only accepts patients with coronavirus infection.

“Patients with a severe course of the disease are sent to intensive care units (ICUs), where Russian specialists work.

“The recovering and lung patients are sent to the therapeutic departments,” Yumanov emphasised.

From the beginning of the hospital’s functioning, Russian specialists were the first to start receiving and treating incoming patients with coronavirus infection.

The international teams working in the field hospital in Bergamo include anaesthetists, therapists, epidemiologists, and nurses.

In addition to medical specialists, Russian translators are on duty in each team to help Russian doctors communicate with patients and Italian colleagues.

8 medical and nursing teams are involved in working in the field hospital from the Russian side.

They receive and treat patients in all ICUs and departments for the treatment of patients with mild and moderate stages.

In total, 32 Russian military doctors and nurses were involved in the treatment of patients in the field hospital.

The duty of medical and nursing teams is organised around the clock in three shifts. The hospital has 142 beds.

As part of the assistance to fight against coronavirus infection, Russian specialists of the Russian defence ministry carried out disinfection of medical institutions in more than 90 settlements of the Lombardy region.

Processed 114 buildings and structures, more than 1,100,000 square meters internal premises and more than 400 thousand square metres (sq-m) paved roads.

Russian medical and nursing teams continue to receive and treat patients in a field hospital in Bergamo. Since the beginning of the hospital’s operation, 112 people have been accepted for treatment, 75 of them have been completely cured and discharged.

Particular attention is paid to maintaining the health of the combined team of Russian specialists.

In addition to the multifunctional mobile modular complex for the analysis of biological material, two portable mini-laboratories are used for routine examination of Russian military personnel.

They are designed to quickly identify causative agents of coronavirus infection in biological material by isothermal amplification in real time.

Medical specialists underwent distance learning to work at this laboratory on the basis of the training centre of the developer company and note the ease of its use in research.