Russia begins testing COVID-19 vaccine

By Monitoring Desk
Friday – June 19, 2020
MOSCOW (Russia): The Russian defence ministry (DM), together with the national research centre for epidemiology and microbiology (NRC-EM) named after academician Gamalei, Thursday, begun conducting clinical trials of a Russian combined vector vaccine designed to prevent a new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

According to an official statement, permission to conduct clinical trials at the main military clinical hospital named after Burdenko was issued by the Russian health ministry on June 16.

Based on the results of the final screening among the two-week isolation of volunteers, the final selection of the first group of experiment participants consisting of 18 people who were vaccinated on June 18 was carried out.

9 volunteers were given one component of the vaccine, and 9 more were given a second component.

The introduction of the vaccine was carried out under the supervision of the most experienced specialists of the Burdenko hospital, who had previously repeatedly participated in clinical trials of medicines and vaccines.

The vaccination was carried out in full accordance with the work plan without incident or complications.

Currently, according to the results of the survey and examination of volunteers, there are no adverse reactions or complications, and there are no complaints from the participants of the experiment about their health status.

After the introduction of the vaccine, all volunteers will continue to be under continuous medical supervision. Regular screenings, necessary samples and analyses will be conducted.

In a few days, after conducting comprehensive studies and obtaining initial data on the safety and tolerability of the vaccine, the rest of the volunteers will be immunised, who are also currently in isolation under the supervision of medical specialists at the Burdenko hospital.

Tests of the Russian vaccine against the new coronavirus infection COVID-19 are conducted jointly by the Russian DM and the NRC-EM named after N.F.Gamalei.

Tests of the vaccine for toxicity, safety, immunogenicity and protective effectiveness on large and small animals were conducted at the 48th central research institute (CRI) of the Russian DM.

On May 26, this year, during a videoconference with Russian president Vladimir Putin, Russian defence minister, general of the army, Sergei Shoigu reported that the 48th CRI of the Russian DM’s NBC protection troops, together with the NRC-EM named after N. F. Gamalei of the health ministry, is developing a recombinant vaccine against a new coronavirus infection.

Clinical trials are scheduled to be completed by the end of July this year.