Russia - China begins Sibu 2021 exercise

By Monitoring Desk
Thursday – August 12, 2021
MOSCOW (Russia): At the Qingtongxia training ground of the Chinese people’s liberation army (PLA), located in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region of China, started practicing joint practical actions of Russian-Chinese operational-strategic exercise Sibu/Interaction 2021, on Wednesday.

According to press releases, during the events, the military of the two countries deployed the forces of a joint grouping in a given area, organised reconnaissance in order to identify fortified points of a conditional enemy, and also worked out individual episodes of the active part of the exercise, which includes, among other things, the conduct of a ground-air anti-terrorist operation.

The international counter terrorist exercise, which is being held for the first time in this region of China, has involved motorised rifle subunits of one of the associations of the eastern military district (EMD), Su-30SM aircraft of the air force and air defence forces of the EMD, as well as officers of the command staff.

A feature of this exercise is that the servicemen of the Russian military contingent practice their tasks on the armoured vehicles of the PLA land forces.

Earlier, in preparation for the joint exercise, the military personnel of the two countries conducted joint training in driving combat vehicles and tanks of the land forces of the PLA of China and performed artillery fire at targets simulating artillery pieces and fortified firing points of a mock enemy.

The total number of troops (forces) taking part in the joint exercise will be about 10 thousand people.

Units carry out joint actions using military equipment and weapons, in the course of performing tactical actions and manoeuvres, as well as fire missions in various types of combat to destroy the forces and means of mock enemy.

Land forces units of the joint group hone their skills in marching training on armoured and special equipment, engineering support, camouflage, as well as deployment in battle formations with firing from artillery and anti-aircraft missile systems, standard weapons of combat vehicles and tanks, small arms and grenade launchers at the objectives of the mock enemy.

The trainings are carried out jointly with the units of the army and operational-tactical aviation, as well as the crews of unmanned aerial vehicles in a unified control and interaction system.

In addition, with the personnel, trainings are conducted on parachute-free landing from helicopters, both with the help of launching devices and by assault.

The control and organisation of interaction is carried out by officers of the joint headquarters of the leadership of the exercise.

Sibu/Interaction 2021 joint Russian-Chinese operational-strategic exercise is taking place on the territory of China in accordance with the previously reached agreements between the military departments of the two states.

The objectives of the combat training event are to strengthen the development of Russian-Chinese relations, comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction, build up the level of military cooperation and friendship between the armed forces of the two countries, demonstrate the determination and ability of Russia and China to fight terrorism, and jointly protect peace and stability in the region.

The armed forces of the Russian Federation in the exercise are represented by units of one of the formations of the EMD.