Rozina: courtesy counts (E.2/2)

By Anis Shakur
Sunday – October 20, 2019
NEW YORK (United States): The way Rozina romanticised her roles is a feat in modern film-making. Below are 6 movies, which takes a realistic approach to the romanticism, both in scenery and characterisation:

'Saza', 'Sheeshay ka ghar', 'Saughaat', 'Anila', 'Saat saheliyaan', 'Jaisay jaantay nahi'.

Her movies exhibit astonishing range and power. Treat yourself to the films that enlighten as well as entertain you.

Her achievement in the following three films similarly was impressive:
'Do patara anaran day', 'Hameeda', 'Beti beta'.

Her past performances are indisputably alive. Already well known in the 1960s and 1970s, she gradually reached the zenith.

Rozina, who was all beauty and splendour, played her character with great fervour in the 6 movies below:

'Waaris', 'Tha', 'Khabardaar', 'Mardan hath maidan', 'Sar dhar dee baazi, 'Heera'. In her twenty-three year movie career, 1962 to 1985, she worked in one hundred movies. That helped Rozina to shape her own destiny.

Further, she also served as a medium, to reduce the gap between the old and the new generation.

The precious link between the old and the new binds generations. What could be a better instance of this link, other than Rozina?

Reverting to the films, her six sumptuous and stimulating movies listed below: 'Ghairat da nishaan', 'Perdaisi', 'Gharnata', 'Pyar ki jeet', 'Aao pyar karain', 'paraye beti’.

Furthermore, her romancing-girl characters created one of Pakistani film industry's most enduring and beloved personas.

Rozina's lovely acting of bygone days will surely survive. She is truly once-in-a-lifetime actress.

Movies like these six will be Rozina's legacy: 'Kirdaar', 'Love in Europe', 'Jaltay suraj kay neechay', 'Baharain phir bhi Aa ain gee', 'Qasam us waqt ki', 'Alif laila'.

Her movies take a realistic approach to the tragedy in both scenery and characterisation. She received applause from the public for more movies, like the five below:

'Funtoosh', 'Manzil dooor nahi', 'Ustadoan kay ustaad', 'Azmat', 'Dukh sajna day.’

Memory feeds imagination. The following five movies will apparently refresh our memory of the good old days:

'Professor', 'Insaan aur gadha', 'Buddha sheir', 'Japani guddi', 'Allah meri tauba.' The last film of Rozina was 'Mashriq maghrib', which was shown in theatres in 1985.

Rozina won the Nigar Award for best supporting actress in 1968, for the film 'Ishara'.

Rozina married sound specialist, Riffat Qureshi, hoping for a merry married life. Bad luck, Riffat left her half way.

Riffat died on September 21, 1995, in Karachi and Rozina left alone.

As for the films, she called it quits thirty-four years ago and lives a retired life. She stayed at defence housing society, phase 5, for a while. Later, she moved elsewhere.

Rozina could reach beyond time and mortality with this message of courtesy to her loyal adorers ‘Thank You’.

Info: Eminent storyteller, Anis Shakur, is a Pakistani born United States (US) citizen. He works for the US federal and State government. He resides at a stone-throw distance from the darting shores of the Atlantic ocean in New York, for the past three decades.