Reporter whips China on ditching Pakistan in FATF

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday - February 28, 2018
BEIJING (China): On a question that China has not opted to bail-out Pakistan in the recent financial action task force (FATF) meeting, resulting in a kind of situation where Pakistan has to face ‘sanctions,’ Chinese foreign office (FO) spokesman Lu Kang, on Tuesday, shunned the correspondent and displayed the “two-faced” Chinese friendship.

According to detail, Kang added, in recent years Pakistan has made important progress in actively strengthening “financial regulations” to combat terror financing.

Referring to China ditching Pakistan at the crucial FATF meeting, he excused, “China highly recognises the FATF and hopes that all relevant parties of the international community could arrive at an objective and fair conclusion on Pakistan.”

Calming the atmosphere, Kang said, “Pakistani government and its people have contributed and sacrificed enormously for the fight against terrorism” applauding “Their hard efforts, both in terms of ground operations and in the field of terrorism financing, are there for all to see.”

He asserted, “Meanwhile, we have been calling on all relevant parties of the international community to view and evaluate Pakistan’s counter-terrorism (CT) efforts in an objective and fair way, instead of just pointing fingers at Pakistan out of bias.”

Kang concluded, “As an all-weather strategic cooperative partner for Pakistan, China will continue to enhance communication, coordination and cooperation with Pakistan on CT.”