Reform the UN: Turkish president Erdoğan

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – September 23, 2020
ANKARA (Turkey): Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, Tuesday, a scene emerged during the tackling of coronavirus (COVID-19) where countries were left on their own, we have once again seen the rightfulness of ‘The World is bigger than Five’ thesis, which I have been advocating for years, the fate of humanity cannot be left at the mercy of a limited number of countries.

According to an official statement, he was addressing via videoconference the 75th session of the united nations (UN) general assembly.

Turkish president Erdoğan demanded, “There is the need of a reform for multilateral organisations, in particular the UN. We have seen how ineffective the existing global mechanisms have been during the COVID-19 crisis.”

He appealed, “I once again call for the supply of medical equipment and drugs and vaccine development efforts not to be made an issue of competition. No matter which country they are produced in, vaccines to be made ready-for-use should be offered to the common benefit of humanity.”

Turkish president Erdoğan noted, “The pandemic adversely affected conflict dynamics around the world and increased vulnerabilities. We regret that the UN secretary general’s call for a global humanitarian ceasefire, which we also support, has not produced concrete results” demanding “It should be a priority for all of us to resolve the conflict in Syria on the basis of the roadmap endorsed in the UN security council resolution 2254.”

He prompted, “The conflict in Syria, which entered its 10th year, continues to pose a threat to the security and stability of the region. As the country that struck the first and most serious blow against Daesh in the region, we continue to fight against the PKK-YPG terrorist organisation.”

Turkish president Erdoğan said, “Some States, including some European countries, unfortunately violate the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers. It is time for the UN to take a firm stand against these violations that corrode the Geneva convention and the international human rights system.”

He said, “The Kashmir conflict, which is also key to the stability and peace of South Asia, is still a burning issue. Steps taken following the abolition of the special status of Jammu-Kashmir further complicated the problem. We are in favour of solving this issue through dialogue, within the framework of the UN resolutions and especially in line with the expectations of the people of Kashmir.”

Turkish president Erdoğan urged, “It is also under the responsibility of the international community to stop the bloodshed in Yemen, which has been continuing for more than five years, and stop the humanitarian crisis.”

He pressed, “It is our sincere desire that Iraq does not turn into an area of conflict for external powers and reaches a position to produce stability and prosperity for our region. While we support our neighbour Iraq in every field, we would like to cooperate more closely especially in the fight against terrorism.”

Turkish president Erdoğan said, “We are in favour of resolving the issues about Iran’s nuclear programme by taking into account international law, through diplomacy and dialogue. I would like to reiterate our call for all parties to abide by their obligations under the joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPoA), which significantly contributes to regional and global security.

He declared, “The dirty hand that reaches the privacy of Jerusalem, where the sacred places of the three great religions coexist, is constantly increasing its audacity. Turkey will not support any plan that the Palestinian people do not give consent to. Countries that have declared their intention to open Embassies in Jerusalem, in violation of the United Nations resolutions and international law, only serve to make the conflict more complicated with their actions. The Palestinian conflict can only be resolved with the establishment of an independent, sovereign, and contiguous State of Palestine based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Turkish president Erdoğan agitated, “Armenia, who attacked the Azerbaijani territories in July, has once again proved that it is the biggest obstacle to lasting peace and stability in the South Caucasus.”

He astounded, “The attacks launched by the coup plotters in Libya last year to overthrow the legitimate government of national accord have brought only pain and destruction. The international community couldn’t ensure that neither the coup plotters nor their supporters have been made to account for the massacres, human rights’ violations and especially for the mass graves in Tarhuna.”