Quarantine till end April: Russian president Putin

By Monitoring Desk
Saturday – April 4, 2020
MOSCOW (Russia): The Russian president Vladimir Putin, in a meeting with permanent members of his security council, Friday, urged for countrywide implementation of his executive order that extends the special precautionary quarantine measures until the end of April, asserting that such a drastic step is required in order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

According to an official statement, he asserted, “This is what the experts believe, and, of course, we are listening and will continue listening to them. We will base our work on the fact that the life and health of Russia’s citizens are our top priority.”

Russian president Putin said, “You also know that in line with the presidential executive order, the ministries, agencies and enterprises ensuring the vital functions of our country continue to work. This certainly includes your ministries and agencies. I would like to thank you and your staff for all the work you have been doing in today’s difficult conditions and express hope that order and security of Russia will be ensured.”

He continued, “Governors and heads of regions have special responsibility today. You know that, in line with my executive order, they have been given additional powers, so I am asking you, and please tell this to your personnel, including in the Russian regions, that the governors must have full support. You have vast administrative and information resources, which must all be aimed at supporting the heads of the Russian regions.”

Russian president Putin stressed, “Today, when we continue combating the coronavirus infection, the regions will have a significant part of the load, and it is very important for us to ensure interaction between all the levels of government: municipal, regional and federal.”

He added, “Obviously, it is impractical to restrict economic activities and close enterprises and institutions, in a uniform manner, painting everything with the same brush throughout the country.”

Russian president Putin recalled, “Today I spoke with several regional heads, with governors, to understand the situation on the ground. For example, thanks goodness, no cases of the coronavirus infection have been registered so far in the Republic of Altai. The question is, should all the institutions and enterprises there be closed under the instruction from Moscow?”

He cautioned, “There are many such situations in the country. We have many small settlements, rural towns, villages and small cities. The situation is different everywhere. The economy is already in a difficult condition. Therefore, no general instructions that undermine economic activity should be given.”

Russian president Putin said, “I am sure that we have taken the absolutely right path. But it is necessary to help both the federal authorities, regional authorities, and municipal authorities, primarily in establishing this interaction between them.”

He concluded, “Today, the interaction between different levels of governance is one of our priorities. And I would ask you to get down to work, fully understanding this. Let us continue our meeting today in a closed format.”