Putin orders Russian soldiers out as ISIS stands defeated

Monitoring Desk
LATAKIYA (Syria): “In just over two years, the Russian armed forces and the Syrian army have defeated the most combat-ready group of international terrorists, the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)” ordering “In this connection, I have decided to redeploy most of the Russian military contingent from Syria back to Russia,” Russian president Vladimir Putin, addressing Russian soldiers at Khmeimim air base, said on Monday.

You are returning victorious to your homes, your families, parents, wives, children and friends, he added.

Putin continued, “I hereby order the defence minister and the general chief of staff Sergey Shoygu to start redeploying units of the Russian army group to their permanent bases.”

He mentioned, “Yes, the threat of terrorism around the world is still very high. However, the task of combating the armed groups in Syria, the goal that needed to be addressed with the help of the large-scale use of the armed forces, has been largely resolved – and brilliantly resolved. Congratulations!”

Our armed forces and our defence contractors have shown the growing power of the Russian army and navy, and the high combat capability of the various military units, Putin continued.

He held, “Pilots, sailors, members of special forces, reconnaissance, troop-control and logistic support units, military police, medical personnel, field engineers and advisers working in the battle units of the Syrian army have displayed the best qualities of Russian soldiers, such as courage, heroism, combat cohesion, determination, as well as excellent training and professionalism.”

Putin said, “The Homeland is proud of you. I am convinced that you will always faithfully serve the fatherland, defend and uphold our national interests, our country and its people.”

He appreciated, “Syria has been preserved as a sovereign and independent State. Refugees are returning to their homes. Favourable conditions have been created for a political settlement under the united nations (UN). The Russian Centre for the reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria continues to operate in line with international agreements.”

Putin mentioned, “The two bases, in Tartous and Khmeimim, will continue to operate on a permanent basis. If the terrorists raise their heads again, we will deal unprecedented strikes unlike anything they have seen.”

He reiterated, “The most important thing for a military person – and we are very much aware of this – is the defence of our fatherland, our people. This is not just the purpose of military service, but also the purpose of life for those who have devoted themselves to serving their people” adding “At the same time, a soldier is truly tested for loyalty to the fatherland in a military operation fought with huge risks to life and health” asserting “Here, in Syria, far from home, you are doing exactly that – you are protecting our country.”

Putin concluded, “By helping the people of Syria to maintain their statehood, to fight off attacks by terrorists, you have inflicted a devastating blow to those who have directly, brazenly and openly threatened our country” vowing “We will never forget the sacrifices and losses incurred in the struggle against terrorism both here in Syria and in Russia. However, it will not make us fold our hands and retreat. This is not in our peoples’ nature. On the contrary, this memory will continue to motivate us to eradicate this absolute evil – terrorism – whatever face it hides behind.”

At the air base, Putin was received by Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, Shoygu and Russian military group commander Sergei Surovikin.

Putin and Assad met with Russian officers and heard a report by the commander of the Russian group of forces in Syria on the operations to liberate the country from terrorists.

Putin used this opportunity to thank the Russian military pilots who will be returning home now.