Putin enquires Palestinian opinion on settlement

By Monitoring Desk
Tuesday - February 13, 2018
MOSCOW (Russia): Russian president Vladimir Putin met Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, on Monday, Putin asked Abbas to give his opinion on what is going on with regards to Palestinian-Israeli settlement.

According to an official statement, Russian president added, “Certainly, your personal view of what is going on is very important to us, so that we can compare notes and work out a common approach to resolve this complicated problem.”

He added, “I know that now the situation is far from what we would like to see” asserting “Still, everyone knows in detail everything taking place on the Palestinian-Israeli settlement track.”

Putin said, “You know that we have always supported the Palestinian people” briefing “Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was recently on a visit in Russia, we certainly discussed this issue as well.”

He informed, “Just now I had a telephone conversation with United States (US) president Donald Trump” adding “Naturally, we talked about the Palestinian-Israeli settlement process. I would like to convey his best wishes.”

During the telephone conversation with Trump, the two heads of state discussed several aspects of the Middle East settlement process.